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The lakers released six pulse excalibur backed off fake gun maybe which day in spirit In a game against the bulls, CiShiPing Ch

Posted Mar 14 2013 3:22am


In a game against the bulls, CiShiPing Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 (microblogging) outside the three-point line continuously while the iron is hot, it nearly destroyed the lakers win good innings. Today's Orlando, he began to recover, he shot 5 of 12, 2 of 4 three-point shots, had 14 points, two rebounds and two steals. When Bryant in attack general CiShiPing can have a good offensive performance, it can share the big pressure to Bryant, and the lakers are in the trip Nike Air Max 2011 Mens need to be able to have more players in attack step out and help the team. In the fight with the magic, the two games before CiShiPing three separated sense and is not very good, only 1 of 12 shots, this shot him in today's match to change, only three to four times a week. But shooting well, scored two goals, he played a proper role. On the outside Besides 3-pointers, attack CiShiPing overall contribution is quite good, his scores are higher than Steve Nash, kobe Bryant. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens When CiShiPing can have a good offensive performance, Steve Nash and kobe Bryant greatly reduce pressure, both of them playing time less than kind gentle Howard, mike d 'antoni deliberately give two leaders more time to rest. For the lakers, in continuous trip, let Steve Nash and kobe Bryant has enough rest time, it is quite important, this is what they can to win a key to victory, and want to do this, the team will need someone to help them share sorrows, CiShiPing played that role today. More remarkable is that when CiShiPing is present, the margin Nike Air Max 2012 11 points, the margin after Howard team ranked second. It can reflect CiShiPing value from another side, he was present when the lakers overall advances have good play, it is depend on the basis of this period laid the win. CiShiPing this season for the perimeter of the interior, Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 like that just learned six pulse excalibur Duan Yu, when failure is ineffective, underdeveloped up for the lakers, not to grieve the team. But, after all, the lakers now is that the staffing, even if the door 3 battery is fake, that have to use. Although there are

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