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The Kings will be renamed as supersonic! Moving to Seattle next season at home

Posted Jan 25 2013 2:42am
Seattle consortium bid Kings has become a foregone conclusion, according to the U.S. yahoo sports MingJi Andre - wo navorski reports, NBA removal committee will by an overwhelming advantage through the vote, making effective transaction. Nike Air Max 2013 And the Kings will change its name to supersonics, the 2013-14 season will move to Seattle home-run, fans are familiar with that one Seattle supersonics will in this special way again! Acquirers Seattle consortium connections not small, leader is the Microsoft CEO Steve palmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen. If there is no accident of words, Sacramento Kings will become history, Seattle consortium will take the team with supersonic team of the shirt and matching, and let the team key arena play two seasons, followed in 2015 at the downtown for cost $500 million of new arena. Key arena is the supersonics old arena, there's a lot of old memories of the fans. NBA committee has moved the deal many times negotiation, they all support the team next season before moving to Seattle. The chairman of the committee is thunder team boss family ray Bennett, what is worth mentioning, in 2008, it is the Bennett has the supersonic moved to Oklahoma city, and was renamed as thunder, and this time he will help restore their NBA team in Seattle. According to walter navorski exposure material, in fact the acquisition agreement as early as January 5, - 7 has been reached, Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson is still in lobbying local financial group took over the Kings. Nike Air Max 2012 Johnson special released a statement, said Sacramento is in the past twenty years one of the NBA's hottest vision, if the king can leave it, they will to fight for the victory, and the king makes NFL green bay bagger type team. But it's too late, now the king team move a few to stay. NBA commissioner David stern once want to stay in Sacramento Kings, but big boss does brother has never worked, hoping to sell the team realizable exit NBA. In such cases, the NBA also can only approved deal, let NBA teams return to Seattle.The rockets recent underachievement, 4 highlights the weak undoubtedly. Many experts think, morey should introduce a positional warfare masters, and millsap, lando husband and josh Smith, etc are the names of the men have successively linked and rockets. Morey keep on saying says it will not in the trading deadline jump to a deal, but it can see, this is just a plea just. The rockets management for the team before the reconstruction process well enough thought preparation, but I didn't know the rockets after start playing very good record, once made a five-game winning streak, it makes management virtually improve the team's expectations. Nike Air Max 2011 In this context, morey is possible in the trading deadline for large transactions. But the problem is that the rockets if introduce heavyweight players, that they take who as a switching chip? At present, they have only haddon, "and made LinShuHao contract have to participate in large transactions qualifications (salary over $5 million). And these three men, haddon nature is impossible to be sent away, o made out of the performance and efficiency than the team to expectations, defense and rebounding are the rockets need be traded may also is not very big, in other words, LinShuHao is most likely to be put on the shelf. For example, lando's salary for 16.5 million, Smith for 13.2 million, millsap for 7.2 million, the rockets to get the above three people in any one, have to take out and they pay matching player combination scheme. Patterson and morris two people pay up to 4 million, and they also do not have the team would like to accept; The rest of the young players, although some have a certain growth, but the salary is too low, can't become the core chip. So, if the rockets really decide to participate in a blockbuster deal, that LinShuHao certainly will will be chip was sent away. Yes, the rockets management and don't want to give up LinShuHao, they are willing to give the latter enough patience, also believe that LinShuHao have a lot of room to rise, but if they rush to introduce reinforcements word, that can only very reluctantly give up what one favours. Nike Air Max 2013 To Minnesota game, in the second half will LinShuHao McHale, parsons and patterson press the on the bench, perhaps this is the management to LinShuHao performance is not satisfied with the signal. Of course like I said above, the rockets and don't want to lose LinShuHao, but they are desperate for reinforcing that war force - this is really very swirly things. LinShuHao will always stay in the rockets? The answer is probably yes, but it can also be a negative.
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