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The impact of carbon dark-colored feedstock industry stress

Posted Mar 07 2013 2:20am

Next half of june 2006, as carbon dark-colored feedstock prices suddenly rocketed,  Tabei natural gas semi reinforcing carbon black  the normal tar and also anthracene oil climbed greater than a single, 000 yuan for every ton, as well as the source of source, once there is not any rate, carbon dark-colored industry has therefore recently been an unprecedented influence on lead to minimal production scale of businesses, some small businesses have ceased generation, the industry income falling greatly. RELATED POSTS
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In accordance with analysis,  carbon black N110  three quarters of carbon dark-colored feedstock scarce for three major reasons: 1st, as heavy necessary oil prices, will probably be ethylene tar ethylene manufacturers for their own gas,the external source lesser and lesser. In line with the China Plastic Industry Association, quotes of carbon black department last year, utilization of carbon black market, carbon black uncooked material ethylene tar necessary oil accounts for practically 15% regarding ethylene tar yield regarding 50%, but this coming year has been substantially reduced; next, glass, porcelain enterprises buy a many coal tar, anthracene necessary oil, instead of pricey heavy oil as gas production, or maybe a high carbon dioxide black plant feedstock Lan Jie; 3 rd, coal tar, anthracene necessary oil exports surge in 1st half of this coming year, up several periods.

In accordance with Coke Relationship, 2004 National Coal tar yield of around 700 million lots, while Shanxi is just not represented by total use of about 1 ) 8 thousand -190 million plenty of coal tar. Market insiders estimate that will China's coal tar cpu over the following several years will reach 7 million -1000 lots, coking enterprises changes, "not simply focus" of the sensation of black coal resources for raw materials will probably be drastically lowered. Therefore , how to approach source constraints of the status quo, is now urgent to believe and solve the particular carbon black industry concerns.

The existing carbon black uncooked material market, governed by price and gives constraints, generally in coal tar and also anthracene oil-based, ethylene tar extra. Industry research, see the existing supply of assets, the future may anthracene oil-based carbon dark-colored production, imports regarding FCC oil dietary supplement. In the carbon dioxide black feedstock prices surge, resource constraints made worse the situation, the particular China Rubber Industry Relationship, National Development and also Reform Commission have been an urgent necessitate abolition of coal tar, anthracene necessary oil 13% export tax refund policy to restrict or perhaps prohibit the coal tar, anthracene necessary oil exports, and questioned relevant departments regarding ethylene tar.

In accordance with statistics branch of carbon dark-colored, the output, the 1st half of the carbon dark-colored production regarding 536, 900 lots, up 21 years old. 99 per cent; and 1-9 calendar month production regarding 810, 300 lots, up 10. 96%, compared to a decrease of 9 percentage items in the first one half, indicating the next quarter black organization have different degrees of cuts, which includes carbon black production to the dry since june 2006, has been doing a downhill trend. 1-September revenue area sales regarding 802, 300 plenty of carbon dark-colored, up twenty-two. 07%; revenue rate reached 96. 79 per cent, an increase regarding 4%, sales progress, output growth within the same period simply by almost 10 percentage items. Costs, a single unit cost of carbon dioxide black in September went up 15%, even though the first half of the unit expense increase of only 7. 7%; coming from July to September the normal production cost for every ton of carbon more than in the 1st 50 % of 1068 yuan, in the event the go out simply by mid-July did not aspect in price boosts, carbon black product manufacturing cost estimated to be able to average higher than inside the first 50 % of 1800 yuan and ton. Tariff of carbon dark-colored, 7-September first half of the average value higher than the particular 474 yuan / great deal, but the product or service price less than the increase in unit expense increase of 1 and 2, meaning more than half in the profits to get eaten raw substance prices aspect.
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As with the first one fourth is the carbon dark-colored production season, a profit level will be low, modest progress, profit twenty-three. 22 thousand yuan, up 18. 47 per cent; into the second quarter, a overall advanced of earnings, sales thriving, exports substantially boost, the rapid upsurge in production potential, income 67. 59 thousand yuan, way up 131. 87 per cent year on year progress; into the 3 rd quarter, less than the second quarter, income, profit 36 thousand yuan, up twenty-three. 85% lowering, raw material rates do to the carbon dioxide black industry with for the episodes.

It truly is understood that inside October after the simple carbon black raw substance market has sits firmly, there is not any rate of the sensation are already eased. The existing transaction price for every ton of coal tar mainstream take into account 2200-2300, around 2, five-hundred yuan; anthracene necessary oil average price per souci in 2900-3000. Market insiders estimate that coal tar prices will probably be short term to keep up the current stage. As the large oil price has tiny price difference between coal tar, and large oil as fuel necessary oil, high heat benefit than coal tar, so almost all of the a glass, ceramic enterprises to modify to fuel necessary oil, coal tar have been watching the production method, coal tar source trend in easy.

A believes that long lasting stability if the tariff of recycleables, the huge benefits and disadvantages in the combination of carbon dioxide black industry. Cons of high raw substance costs ate in market profit, profit enterprise structure in the carbon dioxide black can be adjusted to reduce the survival of tiny enterprises and progress carbon dark-colored. It is noted that Shanxi small dark-colored businesses be terminated, so that excessive supply has improved carbon dioxide black.

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