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The green human fashion the Liyang sports industry highlight the booming prospects

Posted Oct 10 2012 3:59am
In recent years, Liyang, Jiangsu Province, the municipal government lead scientific development, assess the situation and make the best use Timing, the development of the sports industry as an important part of the economic Nike Dream Season transformation and upgrading sports industry into the economic and social development plan, included in the annual work as a whole deployment, targeting global one ", the national first-class goals, adopted a series of policy initiatives to support, promote, promote the development of the sports industry. The city's sports industry has formed a good momentum out of a "sports tourism and eco-tourism integration of the development of the sports industry as the leading sports tourism, sports and leisure, fitness regimen, competition performance, lottery entertainment, festivals, trade shows, etc. a variety of formats to flourish mutual promotion and tourism economy "healthy development of the road. The sports industry in the city has gradually become the city's emerging industries, an important industry. According to statistics, in 2011, the city's sports industry to increase the value of 600 million yuan, accounting for 1.2% of GDP, which sports tourism industry was accounted for the sports industry added value accounted for 80% of the annual reception of the sports tourism to a total of more than 150 million passengers. The development of the city's sports industry is showing a following five development trend. To highlight Green Sports vigorously develop the sport and leisure industry The Liyang relying unique green eco environmental advantages and excellent landscape resource advantages, establish the sports industry, "the rise of the green, leapfrog development" concept as a link to the sports and leisure, efforts to promote Sports and Tourism fusion development, the city has been built with an area of ??1,500 acres of the golf course, 4500, a large gymnasium, 3 swimming pool, three basketball hall, three badminton hall, 20 tennis courts, five table tennis hall, 20 km of hiking trails, 50 km vigorous Road, 100 many miles of bike lanes, two sports Motor Sports Park, complete functions of sports and leisure facilities system by continuous organize tea section and tourism festivals, to promote features sports and leisure tourism, rapid and healthy development. , Liyang has all kinds of areas (spots) 15, Lake, Nanshan Bamboo Tianmuhu Imperial Water Spa tourist attractions 4A level; Nongjiale 226; seven national agricultural tourism demonstration sites, Jiangsu Province star rural tourism boutique seven demonstration sites. The annual tourists reached 9.2 million people, a total tourism income of 8.2 billion yuan. Tourism value added share of GDP reached 7.28%, the core indicators are among the forefront of the province. Liyang has become a veritable "China's top ten leisure eco-city," China best leisure tourist city ". Visitors to the Liyang feel like being green in Wonderland, or mountain climbing, or cruise, or walk, bike, or playing, or swimming, or rock climbing, enjoy all the fun of Aerobic exercise, recreational sports. Many scenic spots, the hotel has also introduced features sports attract customers to become a very effective marketing tool. According to statistics, the city's tourist hotel conducting table tennis more than 20 more than 10, to carry out the tennis, to carry out the Motor Sports 2 and 3, to carry the football, 15 basketball movement, conducting volleyball a 5 conducting swimming. Prominent humanities Sports vigorously develop the fitness and health industry The Liyang National Changshouzhixiang government attaches great importance to the work of national fitness and health regimen, people-oriented concept of governance throughout the the the people basic fitness health needs services, greatly improve the health the Index and happiness index of the masses. In the organization of the government under the leadership of Liyang group activities flourished: three times in a row won the advanced units of the national fitness activities, Jiangsu Province won the Sports City "in 2008, 10 towns (districts), all in Jiangsu Province" sports town " presented the cause of the city's mass sports fitness facilities throughout the urban and rural areas, fitness activities throughout the year, the fitness crowd growing fitness consumer good situation become fashionable. The city's existing morning and evening exercises throughout the urban and rural social a fitness point 376. The rapid development of mass sports organizations, the existing 24 sports federations, 75 urban and rural clubs and fitness clubs, sports private non-enterprise units 2, 3 the Health Qigong registration site, social sports instructor 1931, household population per million people have social sports instructor over 24, the highest in the forefront of the province, the initial formation of a city, town (district), village (neighborhood) three social sports organizations network. The annually organized various types of mass sports activities in more than 300 performances with an attendance of over 100,000 people. National physique monitoring network to further improve, the city has a national physique monitoring center, 10 stations, organized annually the National Physique test more than 4,000 people, the national physique monitoring a pass rate of more than 80%. At the same time, the government make great efforts to strengthen the city's public sports facilities, and continue to meet the people's growing demand for fitness, has implemented a hundred villages Engineering of sports facilities in rural areas and the upgrading of the project "to complete all the town ( District), National Fitness Center building, the city's 175 villages have their own sports facilities, basically forming a city, town (district) administrative villages in mass sports facilities "full coverage". School stadium open to the community, was implemented in 2006 to 2007, the city's 86 primary and secondary school sports grounds are open to the community, effectively alleviate the public demand for fitness venues. 2010, covers an area of ??100 acres, the investment of 138 million yuan City Sports Center Stadium was built and put into operation; total planned area of ??500 acres, 200 million yuan investment in the City National Fitness Center, City Stadium construction project has been launched. The prominent fashion Sports vigorously Sport Event Exhibition industry The tournament performances leading the fashion of the time, has a broad mass base, the most influential driving force and radiation force sports manifestations, but also an important support for the development of sports industry. In recent years, Liyang firmly grasp the the popularity effect caused by the competitive performance, to vigorously promote the development of competitive performance industry from four aspects. First, the active host various events at all levels, detonated competition performance market. China and the United States has organized water skiing Tournament Water Ski Championships in Asia, China and the United States Basketball Tournament, Sino-US taiga Shikoku Wushu Championship, Women's Handball Competition in Jiangsu Province, the National Table Tennis Super League more than 100 large well-known at all levels events, both to enhance visibility of Liyang, attract many foreign tourists come to observe, and effectively nurture sports market, more than 600 million yuan of direct economic income of only 2011 large-scale sporting events Chong. The second is to actively participate in various competitions, and to expand the the Liyang sports influence. 2010 on the 17th session of the National Games in Jiangsu Province, Liyang City athletes won the gold medal in 41.75, the number of gold medals ranked 4th in the province's 65 counties (cities, districts), into the province's advanced sports ranks. Active to cultivate coaches, athletes, reinforce the basis of competitive sports. In recent years, the city has created a traditional sports specialty school five, 19 top athletes to the provincial sports team transportation, to transport athletes 336 Changzhou sports schools, training at the national level referees and one, two referees 112 people, three The referee 228 people. 4 people up national level athletes Standard, 69 of the country's two athletes Standard 95 of the national standards for three athletes. A total of 118 provincial gold medal, 121 silver medals and 94 bronze medals, 202 municipal gold medals, 213 silver medals and 157 bronze medals. Fourth, the positive development of the sports agent, to create a functioning tournament professional team. The city founded by the types of capital investment operation contractors sporting events and cultural media companies is $ 10 more than the, Jiangsu Tianmuhu culture media, and Jiangsu concept of media companies registered capital of 500 million yuan. The race of the 2010 National Table Tennis Super League Jiangsu concept of media operations in the CCTV sports channel live, good economic and social benefits. The network of outdoor leisure, organization outdoor sports carnival every year. Outdoor sports carnival in 2011, were held to mountain biking, kayaking, traveling by car and more than 10 events, from across the country ALICE more than 2,000 people attended the event, described as unprecedented. The prominent folk sports to develop sports festival MICE industry Liyang folk dance, martial arts and other sports is very rich in resources, is included in the non-heritage items as much as 21, which the lantern Chiang pond is a national non-heritage items Exorcise, Shi Shi Bagua, Taiping gongs and drums as the only dragon and lion dances, vault lights, tai chi, Mulan, hip-hop, Exorcise, mountaineering, bike, fishing 10 projects the perennial involved in more than a thousand people scale. Folk sports both a broad mass base, but also has distinct regional characteristics and scarce resource features strong performances, ornamental important areas for the development of sports industry. The Liyang municipal government attaches great importance to mining folk sports resources, and combined with the traditional festivals, exhibitions of major events organization, characteristic brand of sports tourism project. First organized Tea Festival, Tourism Festival, Folk Festival theme section activities, sports stage, the economic and trade singing. The organization the traditional sports centralized performances, not only enrich the cultural and sports life of the masses, but also to attract the majority of foreign tourists, the section during a 亮丽风景线. Tea Festival have been organized for the 11th, do 7th Tourism Festival, Folk Festival has to do three sessions. Tea Festival was named the country's most influential festivals. The special section will be organized by the National Fitness Festival activities, fitness, participation of all citizens. National Fitness Festival has organized three sessions, each involved in masses of up to tens of thousands of people. Third party organized Plaza Fitness, the temple fair Wawushan Nanshan Climbing, Sports Fashion Festival, autocross Features Festival activities, to expand its influence, stimulating consumption. Square party last year, over 10 games, more than 10 million people involved in the masses; Wawushan temple festivals, Nanshan Climbing the masses to participate in mountaineering in more than 50,000 people. Organized by the associations of Liyang City Automotive Motorsports the 2011 inaugural Wawushan car venues off-road hero across the country will attract more than 100 cars, thousands of people participating. Dalian Xinghai Exhibition organized sports clothing exhibition, more than 100 participating merchants, turnover of more than 1000 million; "Yangzi Evening News" in Liyang Tianmu car festival is held for three consecutive years. Prominent creative sports supporting industries to develop sports First issue of the lottery industry creative lead. 2011, the Liyang sports lottery sales billion mark, reaching 128 million, more than doubling the previous year, and made outstanding contributions as a the provincial Lottery career development, Lottery raised Chest has become a the Liyang sports industry, construction and development accelerator. Sports lottery in promoting the construction of sports facilities nationwide fitness activities, implementation of Olympic Glorious Program support the major tournaments contractor among the disabled assistance, medical assistance, cultural construction has played an increasingly important role. Is creative to promote the prosperity of the training industry. Training schools and training courses to sports skills training based mushroomed mushroomed, chess, swimming, aerobics, Latin dance, taekwondo, tennis, yoga and other kinds of training courses to become "the new darling of the training market. The rise of the sports training industry, dissemination of sports knowledge, training and sports talent, a strong sports atmosphere, played an important role in expansion of the sports population, guide sports consumption, to promote the development of the sports industry. Third, creative ideas to improve the level of the sporting goods industry. Liyang City sporting goods manufacturing companies from small to large continuous development and growth. Liyang City sporting goods manufacturing enterprise has reached hundreds of years to create the output value of 300 million yuan; sporting goods sales of nearly 200 units. In recent years, Liyang actively guide the sporting goods manufacturers gradually from product management to brand management, nurturing the enterprise independent research and development ability and core competitiveness, have emerged such as Blockbuster Sporting Goods Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Liyang take off Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., "28 well-known sporting goods brands in the RV Manufacturing Co., Ltd., part of the sporting goods have been exported to Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions. Blockbuster polymer synthetic shuttlecock research and development of new materials production project has been to guide the development of the first batch of provincial sports industry funds to support, within two years of sales over a hundred million; "28" RV project is included in the key industrial projects in Changzhou, covers an area of 400 acres, for three years the total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, can be put into operation to achieve annual sales of over 30 billion yuan; Aviation Industrial Park have been identified for the direction of flight movement planning area of ??50,000 square kilometers, to achieve sales of over 10 billion within three years. The Fourth is creative expand the sports construction market. Liyang is the "hometown of Chinese architecture", a good industrial base in the construction of stadiums, there are four companies in the city among the hundred enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the elevator installation market share accounted for 60% of the country. Participated in the Beijing Olympics "Bird's Nest", Air Penny 2 the Guangzhou Asian Games, the main venue for many sports venue construction projects, technical strength in the steel structure, construction, elevator installation. Liyang sports tourism led the sports industry, is not only an early start and a high starting point, and the formation of the size and characteristics. Liyang will and striving for national sports industry demonstration base as a driving force to further improve the "the Liyang City Sports Industry (Sports tourism) development plan," to further implement policies and measures to implement the project inputs, the implementation of the project to promote the implementation of the performance appraisal. The next 10 years, in accordance with "the global one, the national first-class" development goals and a ring, two lakes, three mountain, four circle "of the overall layout, to establish brand events engine sporting experience for pilot rehabilitation regimen for support" the development of ideas , focus on 10 major construction projects, the Liyang
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