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The forest of Leafre is protected by the Nine Spirits dragon

Posted Jul 12 2013 3:26am

The forest of Leafre is protected by the Nine Spirits dragon, a kind and gentle creature. The Nine Spirits Dragon has set up a barrier which shields the forest from evil. Horntail, a power hungry dragon, began to rebel against the Nine Spirits rule, and started uniting the evil dragons.


This group of evil dragons began their assault on the town, almost entirely wiping out the Dragon Squad, a team of human fighters sent to defeat Horntail. This was a horribly disgraceful action coming from a Dragon. During this battle, Horntail gravely injured the old Nine Spirits, and took the egg of the Nine Spirits Dragon. He then hid out deep in the Cave of Life to recover his strength. Horntail's minions still overtook the Dragon Forest in Leafre. His evil power is so great that it has even gained the power to corrupt the other monsters, turning them pitch black. Now, the strongest players must band together to defeat this cruel dragon, save the Nine Spirits Dragon Egg, and protect Leafre once and for all.


An evil spirit was once sealed in the Underground Temple in Sleepywood buy maplestory mesosby Tristan, a legendary hero who died in place of Manji because of this evil spirit, Balrog. However, Balrog has been resurrected from the Darkness, the reason behind its resurrection is not known. Upon Balrog's death it mentions that one day his full power will be return to him and rule the Maple World again, implying that we will see more of Balrog in the future. Lv. 25-30 Sand Rat, Scorpionguides on moneee people lv25-30 kill a lv 80 monsters , Kerning PQ, Abandoned Subway PQ, The Rememberer's quests in Sleepywood to kill Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom35-40 Eos Tower, Cold Eye, Kerning Square, Iron Mutae, CarnivalPQ.40-50 Iron Mutae, Mithril Mutae, Roid, CPQ, Latest Hits Compliation, Pyramid Clean Up,Extra A, Extra C?Understand Make Lots of Runescape Gold Quickly

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