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"The family care why so many?"

Posted Sep 20 2012 3:18am
LiJinKe father-in-law, mother-in-law is not no other children, the wife brothers and sisters six, in addition to the wife is in Shanghai, nanjing and other work. Children also have a daughter, has set up a file in the hefei a fond memory. "From the old father-in-law to old mother-in-law, again to his child big jiu, how many years as one day, that sounds let a person be afraid!" Work with more than 20 <a href="">peuterey 2012</a> years colleagues ShenXiZhen said, "serve their parents, not words, wife's parents have five or six children, this matter how fell to him?" But LiJinKe has persuaded his reason, "you see, in nanjing and Shanghai work several brothers and sisters and the economic situation is much better than us, can work pressure big, busy, the home more than us and so far, old man or to stay at home. He is still very said earnestly, "eldest brother's daughter in hefei live is floor room, the old man up and down is not convenient, the child young will career-oriented, want to give them more time to start a business, family care. Why so many? And we take care of is the same."

That may be the case, but since taking care three relatives of responsibility, the couple is not easy for a day, didn't sleep a day and sleep. Busy every day after work, he immediately into the busy housework, days in take care of relatives and between work cycle. In order to have more time to take care of the patient in the home, the unit to receive or colleagues party are as far as possible not to participate, after work, were immediately back home, life has become almost a closed circle. Day and night to take good care of mother-in-law and brother-in-law, more than 10 years the couple is always chamber and house, each company to take care of a, this regarding as the prime LiJinKe, it will be hard to avoid in the heart on the sour and injustice. A few years ago, two people although saved enough money to buy a set of new floor room, but in order to take care of action inconvenience of patients, all did not move used to live. Colleagues HanRongXin shook his head and said, "a month to ten thousand pieces, I'm afraid I didn't do it."

Say to the housework, LiJinKe or silent for a moment. LiJinKe said, the couple are more than 50 years old, so many years speak haven't the faintest idea is not true. Whenever wait on elder brother the feeling is very tired or with friends, guests drink drunk back, for solution the shit brother when wiping, will feel nausea. In addition, no more energy for the same old parents hoping, is very guilty. But as a retired veteran cadres parents very can understand and be considerate of son, always education he should honour the elder brother to worship, to high-end, don't worry about them. Brothers and sisters also support LiJinKe practice, parents' understanding, brothers and sisters of encouragement, so that he can confidently to serve patients.

For over ten years and eat and sleep with children, to LiJinKe brother-in-law habits are very familiar with, although do not speak clearly, but brother-in-law a gesture a eyes, he can read one of the content. When asked to his brother-in-law care how he was, he could clearly from mouth to shout out a "good" word.

Whenever someone praise, LiJinKe always says: "everyone is ill, also will become old. Parents for their children for a lifetime to work. As a child, and bitter, again tired, again dirty also cannot discard responsibility, there can be no complaints, let the old man, an old lady." In the couple's careful cater, mother-in-law and brother-in-law has been in stable condition, and in a happy mood. In 2009, the 86 - year - old old mother-in-law serenely go. LiJinKe said: "the old man walk very calm."

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