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The Failure and Remedy of Spiral Classifier

Posted Nov 29 2012 7:32am

??The following is to introduce information about the classifier.html">spiral classifier fault reason and exclusion method:
??Equipment failure: broken shaft
??Cause: the amount of sand back is suddenly big or suddenly small, uneven loads, poor quality of shaft material processing ; installation errors or shaft bending.
??Remedy: welding or change the shaft
??Equipment failure: sand enter into the lower shaft head;
??Cause: flange or filler plug is too loose; cushions lax.
??Equipment failure: spiral leaf or spokes bend
??Cause: excessive sand back leads to sand back slot clogging; when start, excessive sand back; spiral upgrade is not enough before driving.
??Remedy: correction or replacement of the spiral leaf or spokes
??Equipment failure: lifting gear idling when drops;
??Reason: many tank grit
??Remedy: dig grit
??For equipment failures 5: lift rod vibration
??Cause: shaft head bends; the lower shaft head ia filled with the sand; the shaft head ball mill is bad.
??Remedy: Clean and replacement
??These several common faults and trouble spiral classifier will often meet.
??Precautions on equipment installation:
??1. The device should be installed on concrete foundation with anchor bolts.
??2. The installation should pay attention to vertical main body level.
??3. After installation, check that all parts are tightened bolts for loose and host Kurakado of any fastening.
??4. Configuring the power cord and controling switch should be based on the device's power
??5. After checking, making empty load test, if trial is normal, production can be carried out.
??6. Before turning on each lubrication point, you must check whether there is enough grease connecting bolts, each spiral blade must be fastened.
??7. Before start the motor, you should be sure to wait for the normal operation, than you can begin gradually feeding.
??8. Before stoping running, you should first stop the feeding, when all the materials in the tank drained, you can stop the motor.
??9. You should always check that the spiral wear condition and promptly replace it, and avoid unnecessary losses because of spiral classifier fault causes.
??These remedies are to avoid the spiral damage, welcome new and old customers to visit, we will be happy at your service.

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