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the distinctive nike air max 2011 sale features of the regional

Posted Oct 06 2012 12:40am
The buildings along the river along the street, to form bridges people Jiangnan style.the North Park: Fair Park on behalf of six cities, and take full advantage of the mountain landscape controllability, closely linked to the essence of "Royal Garden" the northern gardens mood the room rocks, decorated second door to Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, The use of white marble arch bridge and other garden elements strengthen the highlight the Royal garden rigorous visual control axis and solemn style, stately building, heavy is the distinctive features of this park.ethnic customs Park: to an ethnic customs Plaza as the core, to highlight the big theme of integration of national unity, integration and organization of the exhibition of distinctive ethnic customs. Tibet, Yunnan, Mongolia, Xinjiang Shihezi, Guiyang, Hohhot cities exhibitors, the distinctive nike air max 2011 sale features of the regional characteristics of the minority nationalities, exposure to which if proximity to their land. a modern park: visited Shanghai Park, Chongqing Park, Yantai smoke Jing Hui Park in Hefei and Garden ", Weihai Park 9 Fair Park. The whole park "period piece" simple and elegant design, using a variety of new materials, new processes, shaping a rich garden space feels refreshing.International Park: 24 countries, including Australia, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, the United States, Singapore Exhibition Park. The garden features and architectural style of the show around the world. Singapore lion body fishtail "sculpture, African grasslands leopard chasing antelope sculpture as well as the Dutch Windmill" all manifestations of the country's geographical characteristics.Landscape air max 1 cheap Architects Park: visited Wang Xiangrong, Wang Hao, The Leader, Yu, Zhang Junhua eight international youth garden works of landscape architects, give my deepest Experience is they use the language of poetry, flexible use of space art , thought-provoking, poetic creation of the original qualities of the venue, while special simplicity, savings, abandon the massive construction projects, gardening and landscaping and landscaping drawbacks.
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