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The decrypt of ancient sexy lingerie

Posted Mar 05 2013 5:43am

Many aspects of special operations artistic conception of the ancient Chinese underwear in standard arrangements, decoration processing, material use, skills and means to enrich the culture of Chinese  sexy lingeries.

1 standard

China underwear standard core point is reflected in the "with hanging tied", "flat cut-cloth cover beam. "With" the amount and location of each business; "flat cut" cloth split geometry have to change.

The standard most unique "belted" wearing arrangements, each have their own. "Shoulder harness" is the most common way, each decorated with "" around corners around the back of the neck, bellyband for: chest both sides tied belt "refers to both sides of the passage of clothes stitching several silk belt toting back off to the knot in the right armpit (Jin Dynasty); Cross knot belt behind the two cross broadband associated, then buttons York Junction) (Yuan Dynasty); strapless bra style "refers to the period in the Tang Dynasty women's underwear, chest occasion" glyphs "wrapped style.

2, Material

China underwear material matching the same people, varies with time, because of the ground and do not shaped models.

The  hot women lingerie  material the use of more widely, both silk, silk, silk, satin and high-quality materials, homespun, linen, yarn, batik cloth, bamboo. Selection of local decoration more sophisticated and detailed, for example: roll decorated with fine lace edge; straps with beads strung stomachers rich; inlaid with a different texture to the level, etc., are set out which, and with the standard, ornamentation complementary with delicious.

3, ornamentation

Landscapes, flowers, birds, clouds, mascot show above proposition days, homologous with the root, equal and harmonious cultural concepts, showing off the body to write to God, Tat Cheong God as the ideal attire aesthetic thought.

Ornamentation structures placed in the appropriate program, centered, symmetrical, Montreal, balanced, the inlay edge style more common, for example, are the vast majority of the Qing Dynasty in the early Republican stomachers "stomachers" "wishful linear pattern "to trim as ornaments; the symmetric peach cross stitch geometric pattern chest interpersonal decorative; and balanced" very happy "embroidery indulge in a corner, reflecting with elaborate ornamentation Bureau. In the ornamentation modeling approach, Realism and Impressionism, omit and add, exaggerated and synthesis of various characteristics.

Ornamentation and color with the order also has to do hierarchy, color, distinctive specific rankings table. Blue, white, He brown people selected; pink, light green, light blue used for the maids of honor; gold, yellow, Ming blue royal selected.

4 skills

Decorative art of embroidery, inlaid, paste, fill, embedded practices the fine tight on the process performance in hand-stitch does not wrinkle, loose, not tight, not split; the  sexy clothing  appearance on the flat service, straight thin loose, soft light. The use of technology means the number of stab charming township process, simply by hand with various colors of silk, cotton cloth with the run of the hand needle puncture, constitute the established pattern image or text graphics.


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