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The cotton seal ditch the beauty of Cotton seal groove is an important cotton bud stage management measures. If seal ditch timel

Posted Jan 11 2013 5:54am
The cotton seal ditch the beauty of
Cotton seal groove is an important cotton bud stage management measures. If seal ditch timely, high quality seal groove, it will greatly improve the yield and quality of cotton. The benefits of the seal groove following four points:
1. The seal the ditch can prevent plant lodging. Cultivation, earth, fixed cotton plant, can prevent plant lodging.
2. Cotton seal groove can reach drought can be poured, floods can be discharged, and play a role in the mound of soil moisture. A ditch in the cotton fields wide rows, drought ditch along watering days waterlogging along the ditch drainage, and surface soil culture to cotton on both sides of the narrow line, to the formation of a small ditch in the cotton plant narrow row cotton plants surrounding soil The thickened favor Xushuibaoshang.
3. Cotton seal ditch can be a good solution to the phenomenon of field Yu shield. Denser cotton fields, wide rows form a ventilation ditch promote air flow, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, to help enhance leaf photosynthesis. At the same time, you can also play to prevent bud drop off the bell boll rot, rotten bud.
4. Cotton the seal groove solve the weed problems. The Batu sun root not only fertility fertility and also to get rid of the weed roots, weeds lose the survival environment. bedding sets
Edit this paragraph pollution-free cotton fertilization technology
Cotton fertilization should be mastered mainly basal and top dressing, supplemented by the principle. The basic fertilizer dosage celebrate the total fertilization 60% -70%. The basic fertilizer in organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. Full of nutrients, organic fertilizer fertilising stable and long-lasting, beneficial Tuofei on to control cotton leggy to prevent late.
According to the characteristics and objectives of the fertilizer requirement of cotton production, soil fertility status and other factors to determine fertilization nutrient ratio and fertilizer and fertilization methods.
The cultivation of cotton requires the cotton fields have higher fertility so want Shizujifei the need timely amount of dressing application. Light upon the principle of general to master, from place to place, because, due to the Miao administration.
. Basal fertilizer Shizujifei organic fertilizer, General Mushi manure 2000 kg and cotton specialty fertilizer 40-60 kg. Base Fertilizers conditions do not have summer cotton, fertilizer early in the seedling stage. Cotton, zinc, boron sensitive reaction, most of the cotton-growing soil and our relative lack of supply, and recommended per acre basal application of zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate) 1 — 2 kg, 0.5 kg of Boron. Cotton fertilizer formula also contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, boron, best cotton specialty fertilizer based on soil nutrient characteristics and management level, usually 40-60 kg per mu.
2. Dressing top dressing of nitrogen fertilizer-based general points early flowering and boll period twice after the former light heavy, twice fertilization ratio was 1:2. Is better, early flowering Miaoqing of migraine busy growing, may omit the first top dressing, accustomed to a one-time top-dressing of early flowering and boll (plant 1-2 young bolls time). Need to chase secondary fertilizer, the second time during the boll dressing, generally the topdressing cotton specialty fertilizer 30-50 kg per acre.
In order to give full play to the fertilizer effect, we should pay attention to the depth of the fertilizer. Root growth characteristics of cotton seedlings dressing should have a depth of 10 cm, 10 cm from the cotton plant; bud stage of fertilization depth of 13-17 cm, 13 cm from the cotton plant; the first flowering dressing depth and distance about 17 centimeters. bedding sales
Fertilization methods can also be combined with water rushed cast dressing or drip method.
Foliage spray mainly to prevent cotton late Quefei and premature aging, to fight for the multi-junction autumn peach and increased boll weight of applied fertilizer due to soil application of inconvenience, commonly used foliage spray to spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate. The nitrogen fertilizer shortage of cotton fields, but also 0.2% -0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.5-1.0 urea and agricultural Sea licensing amino acid foliar fertilizer with the spraying, spray droplets to foliage covered for the degree. The spraying time after 16:00 or cloudy. Spray once every 10-15 days, spray 3-4 times can be.
Edit this paragraph cotton easy boll rot
Cotton boll rot, this situation occurred almost every year in varying degrees. Should clarify the basis of the conditions and causes of the cotton boll rot, take comprehensive measures to control them and strive to minimize losses.
Conditions and reasons
Cotton boll rot is caused by a variety of bacteria infestation infestation boll. Especially multi-rainy weather, cotton humidity, canopy serious, poor air and light, suitable for pathogens to multiply the infection, the disease is often serious, more serious cotton boll rot. Boll blight, anthracnose, angular leaf spot, red rot disease and other disease, which the epidemic is the the boll rot main types of hazards, accounting for 28.3% to 99.7% of the bell disease. Extensive management of cotton fields, pruning pruning or chemical control measures are not timely, plants flourishing, are conducive to the onset more and more detail in Bedding Series
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