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the boy always found a air max bw vt sale girl in the school gate, is secretly

Posted Nov 17 2012 3:08am
After a few days the boys think about girls come out to play, the girl hesitated for a promised, the two made an appointment to meet in the girls school gate, the next day the boy went to the girl, to a girl's school, the boy is more introverted people, so he hid behind a tree and other girls. Wait for a while, the boy always found a air max bw vt sale girl in the school gate, is secretly standing behind a tree to see here, look funny boy saw the girl could not help laughing, he affirmed 'that benzene pig' , so went to the girl in front asked: 'You benzene pig'? The girls head down, said, 'Well, I', the boy again her funny laugh, when it comes to 'walk around? . The girl said: Well, two people walking in the street, the boy looked at the girl like walking and laughing, talking about how you do not head up ah? "

Girl looked up and blushed and said: "I'm afraid that the students see the" boy laugh: "What are they afraid of fool", the girl looked down, and go for a while, the boy said, "I can take you by?" The girl blushed said: "I'm afraid that other people see," boy nasty Speaking: "What are they afraid of the really head benzene Zhu" girl so he forced Qianzhu the hand, the girl did not resist, the boy smile and laugh. Two air max 1 uk people walk and talk, and walked a little boy comes to: "so hot ah find a place to sit for a while, right?" Girl grace a cry, the two came to a small forest, the boys find a cool place, the jacket off Shop in the ground two people sit together, continue to talk up, the boy said: "I'll give you my song I like to sing?"
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