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The Biggest Reason Why Network Marketers Fail - FruitySpace

Posted Feb 01 2013 5:43am

If the only people that know what you are doing is you, then you dont have any exposure.

Now in the world of network marketing, exposure is making a list of all the people you know SORESKIRT.US. Then you tell them about what you have to offer.

You are instructed to get referrals and then teach others to do the same thing When your list runs out, then you have to prospect.

For most, that is truly outside their comfort zone GLAMOROUSGREED.BIZ. A lot of people quit at that point.

I can understand why too. I think this method is effective to a degree. If a person masters the referral business, then their business can explode. But most people dont.There are many ways that an individual can have massive exposure. After researching and experiencing so many nights of frustration, I believe that the internet is the best tool that a network marketer can have. Think about it, the world wide web is used by billions of people around the world. All a person has to do is figure out the best way to get his or her service out to the masses. That individual may only want to stay local or national. Or, if you are like me, then you want a global business.
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