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the best do not new balance outlet go the path but I at least no less than dozens

Posted Nov 28 2012 1:46am
This day and my brother to go hiking. Climbing is a consuming physical job, 800 meters above sea level is not particularly high, but not too low, at least embarked on to spend more than three hours to go the gap enough to lose a small part of your body fat ; fact, for me this is nothing, apart from a few complained about the road when the mountains or smoothly reach the top of the hill, but on the way down the mountain, indeed, I was shocked.I like to walk the path, I began to climb the mountain with my own words, this for me is definitely hundreds of times before. I remember grandparents who always let us be careful, the best do not new balance outlet go the path, but I at least no less than dozens of back through the slightly bumpy road, how might go wrong? However, the accident is called an accident, because it happened to our surprise, well, this explanation is really far-fetched.

I swear I did not see spanking stone at the foot of the piece, and I was just trying to jump to the front of this small potholes from the slopes more inclined to maintain a balance. I'm about to run up to one meter, is to jump when the the spanking stones at the foot of the piece to life and tripped.The slope is called the slope (Okay, I have no explanation, I know this is due to pumping), it allows me to vertically rolled new balance 501 sale down to one brief moment, I finally realized between life and death the excitement, of course, I am a responsible person, temporarily, I still want to live in this boring world for some time, so I quickly grabbed a card in the stone vines, and then quickly jump on the highway, then, could only stare at their own piece of bloodstained right leg.
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