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Ten Reasons Tell you why Google Nexus 7 can succeed

Posted Jul 24 2012 8:59am

Beijing, July 24, according to foreign media reports, after of Nexus 7 launched, sales are hotter than expected. Google Play an online store displayed that, 16GB, which costs $ 249 Nexus 7, have sold out, now consumers can only buy 8GB, or $ 199 version.

Even worse is that after 16GB Nexus 7 referrals, Google did not indicate when or whether there will be any new inventory replenishment. You can see from this point, consumer demand for Nexus 7, far beyond the expectations of search giant Google.

In fact, the Nexus 7 success can be said to be surprising, high quality products, advanced operating system match the price almost anyone can afford, it is consumers ' favor. And when Google is enjoying the joy the success of Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire sales have stagnated, it is clear that its market position has been replaced by Nexus 7.

When Nexus 7 was first published, is considered to be the Amazon Kindle Fire "killer". They are the same 7-inch-square tables, market positioning is also very close. Face powerful adversaries, if Amazon does not take remedial measures to Kindle Fire , it will soon be submerged in the midst of this market. This is analysts speculate that Amazon will soon launch Kindle Fire 2 tablets of reason. So, where is better than the Nexus 7 Kindle Fire.

1. Overall design

Kindle Fire is an foundation-level equipment, configurations, shapes, materials and fairly price, but just from the appearance point of view, it has a really no what kind of place. Compared with the Kindle Fire together with Nexus 7, this new Nexus 7 clearly looks more beautiful, unique is that its price is also the same as Kindle Fire. The same price buy better products, this is obviously all the aspirations of consumers.

2. The value

Kindle Fire launched last year, priced $ 199, at that time, cheap beauty. But with the passage of time, advances in technology, its value is gradually lowered down. For consumers, purchasing a product, whether value for money is very important. Like said earlier, when faced with two fairly priced products, consumers are choosing a better Nexus 7, seems to be taken for granted. What is more, Apple iphone5 is coming, more and more people are looking for forward to it, even some iphone fans have bought many best iphone cases, such as cute cases for iphone, cool cases for iphone, bling cases for iphone and so on.

3. Multi-type selection

Nexus 7 8GB ($ 199) and 16GB ($ 249) two versions can be choose from. In fact, it formally before, the industry has been such a worry, I'm afraid nobody want to buy the $ 249 model, for ordinary consumers, 8GB storage space is sufficient. However, the facts prove that this is not the case. Exactly what this $ 249 16GB Nexus 7 was snapped up in the Google Play, it appears that Google launched a select multiple models, is no bad thing.

4. Powerful Tegra 3

Google Nexus 7 is equipped with Tegra 34 quad processor, with strong performance and ultra fast running speed, were stronger than many Android tablet on the market, not to mention the Amazon Kindle Fire. Consumers are certainly very aware of this

5. The new operating system

Pick-up most next-generation Android Google Nexus 7 4.1 "jelly bean" operating system, which means that consumers buy it that can be all new and great features. In contrast, Kindle Fire on-board systems are "lagging behind".

6. The more familiar software experience

As we described earlier, pick-up Android Nexus 7 4.1 that was Andriod 4.0 ICS system on the basis of an upgrade, as well as Android "honeycomb" Android "gingerbread" operating system combination. For consumers, it is more familiar and easy to use. Kindle Fire on board is customized Android operating system, it has a unique layout and performances, even for the Android users also seem strange for it.

7. The success of marketing strategies

Google has always been good at promoting their products, how to make their search more advantages, more powerful, more open source Android, Google's own set of practices. We believe that Nexus 7 is Google the next great marketing strategy-beneficiaries. In this connection, the Amazon like Google can't do so well.

8. Smart phone support

This is often overlooked. Behind a successful tablet computer, there must be strong smartphone product support. In most cases, consumers will always buy a Smartphone before, if they like, they will buy the same brand or with the system of flat products. If they don't like the Smartphone, it will switch to the purchase of other manufacturers products. It is clear that Amazon is not currently owns a smart phone, but Google has this. General user base are also advantages.

9. Brand benefit

Amazon Tablet named as Kindle Fire clearly justified, as Amazon's Kindle e-reader brands, are well-known.

As for Google Nexus series, as we all know, is a high quality mobile equipment endorsements. At this point, Amazon again is less than one.

10. The company's appeal

Another very important point, the differences that exist between Amazon and Google brand. The one hand, Amazon's main retail business is well known. Google, the search giant, in the mobile industry have long been Oyster it Aindroid even become synonymous with mobile products, a huge brand, also be reckoned with.

Online retailer Amazon said it is preparing to launch 5-6 new Kindle Fire tablets, and fighting Apple and Google. Kindle Fire Tablet has won high praise for Amazon, but it's only in the United States market.

Nexus 7 is now a global best seller, if Google really took hold in the Tablet market foothold, business development through Google Play, then their access to the number of users will make very substantial, Amazon apparently cannot stand idly by.

According to Reuters of reported, new of Kindle Fire flat will have a paragraph 10 inches of products, and will have three species different of memory capacity, to supplementary currently Kindle Fire flat of products line, although Amazon and Google are hope they of customer to using cloud store service, but consumers clearly more willing to information store in local, 8GB capacity clearly is too less, more large of capacity will provides better of competitiveness. However Amazon did not provide new device releases schedules.

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