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Tech Support Nightmare Week Not Improving

Posted Mar 29 2008 12:00am

Wow, I love technology. When it is working properly. I mean seriously, I love nothing more than technology. The newest, best, coolest -- I want it (If it is mac compatible -- otherwise, not cool). But when something isn't working, then I can't do much else.

The last 48 hours have been a technological nightmare and I can't seem to stop myself from obsessing about having everything fixed again. Which basically means hours of hold music and several attempts to reconfigure things.

In addition to the wireless network being down in the house, which has lasted almost 48 hours, I got completely fed up with Rand yesterday afternoon and asked for his cell phone. (Background: He is not paying rent. He is not working. He doesn't have any money. He is supposed to work for us in exchange for rent. He isn't doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is paying his cell phone bill with the last of his student loan, but he won't stop going over his text messaging limits and we end up stuck with the bill. Ok, you get the idea).

Anyway, since he had a huge toddler meltdown (which is not fun to watch in a 350+, 6'6" 19 year old body) when I asked him to refold the towels he had folded wrong, I asked for his cell phone. When he refused to hand it to me, I called Alltel to ask them to take texting off his cell phone. I would have shut off the phone, but one of the things Rand is very good about doing for us most of the time is taxi driving, and he needs to have a cell phone because people's plans change so much.

So, I ask for the cell (intending to keep it only for a few hours until he finished his work) but he refused so I called Alltel. 75 minutes later, text messaging was turned off. It's actually kind of a funny story, but it is so long and drawn out that it would take a long time to type it all. Let's just say that I practically built a relationship with the 20 something kid who was doing tech support and I made him laugh so much that he actually confessed (on a recorded for customer service purposes message) that he was keeping me on the phone longer just because he didn't want me to hang up).

I must digress and share a personal philosophy. I always vow to be the one person in a person's day who does phone support that they don't forget. It's a mission for me. I usually succeed.

Then last night I wanted to give myself a break and play a computer game, and the game kept crashing and then I'd have to restart my computer. It was very annoying.

This morning I have been on the phone or on hold for a solid 2 hours trying to get this problem ironed out. Currently my Iphone says that I have been holding for 30 minutes and 54 seconds on the most recent call.

Fortunately for me, I have internet access now and can work while I wait. Earlier I was waiting without the access. THAT was even more annoying.

And I know, you didn't want to know any of what i just wrote. OH well. This blog is about me, didn't you know that? Everything is. Everywhere. All about me.


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