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Sweatshops, international toy brands of money tool

Posted Oct 18 2012 4:09am

Recently the French media quoted China's xinhua news agency report says, Taiwan electronic manufacturing giant foxconn company launched a robot replace artificial large plan. Foxconn traveling to the boss said, the company is ready to use in three years 1 million robots.

Foxconn last year because of poor working conditions was frequently exposure, has a total of 13 employees commit suicide, be independent maintenance labor rights groups have criticized Mbt Shoes very bad working conditions. "Le monde newspaper in early July an article revealed rights organization" Chinese laborers observation "on China's six for the world's big brand processing factory survey report, directed at the factory employees are inhumane treatment.

The group first investigated for dell, IBM, Ericsson, philippe, Microsoft, apple, HP, nokia and other international brand production computer and other electronic products factory, located in shenzhen and the Taiwan foxconn enterprise as a special investigation. "Chinese laborers observation" organization conclusion is, foxconn work time and work intensity "is no better than electronic industrial other factories worse".

Report disclosure, 9/10 of the investigation in the factory, the workers can't get by on normal working hours earned a living wage, and so was forced to a lot of overtime. The report concluded, the international famous brand and China's manufacturing enterprises want to purchase cost and production cost is minimized, thus Chinese workers' safety and welfare is sacrificed.

The organization May 2009 to October was to make Disney toy HaoWei toy factory, tianyu toy factory of cent of toy factory and all cheung industrial co., LTD., China factory to carry on the investigation, found the factory workers deeply exploitation, fundamental rights is not guaranteed.

The report disclosure, some factories Mbt Shoes employ workers age 16 to 18 years old, some even dissatisfaction Chinese legal minimum working age 16. And these and other employees under the same working strength.

In busy season, order such as snowflakes, fly, workers were forced to work seven days a week, often have to work overtime, even on the night shift. A boss even warning you, "according to my calculations, each shall take 7 seconds to complete a toy." Employee's salary is extremely low, some workers every months 900 yuan (about 100 euros), overtime pay no matter work time are for each hour 6.5 yuan (about 0.73 euros), while China's labor law, according to the usual work overtime or weekends or holidays to work overtime, overtime pay is different. What's more, some factory according to their own interests choose pay the worker's wages way, or timing or piece. So it is difficult to make clear eventually workers if the salary is true.

The report says, now toys become a globalism trade, the mattel, hasbro and so on several large American company monopoly. They seek more profits, blindly to cut the cost of production, the product get labor cheap country carry on the processing.

Now the world toy industry formed a pyramid structure, the top of the minority enterprise seek huge profits, and the lower millions of people is the sacrifice of their own dignity, health and even life.

In putonghua level and ability of expression, therelatively also have obvious shortage, as a spokesman, the need to further improve the quality. However, the ministry of railways top people that Cheap Mbt Shoes don't think therelatively tough character and ordinary performance what's wrong, perhaps they still feel therelatively effectively hit back at the outside provocative question. Then, in a therelatively himself is not suitable for position does is 8 years, finally let themselves and the image of the ministry of railways with collapse with no time.

More let people don't understand is duplicate, the ministry of railways and official propaganda department didn't realize therelatively "GaoTieTi" press conference will have serious consequences, and let the "buried evidence", "don't save" the two big lethality strong rumors thorough popular feeling and not promptly clarified, until the ministry of railways became be universally condemned "spittoon".

Cheap Mbt Shoes In a news conference therelatively poor performance, with his individual ability is concerned, more reflect the ministry of railways and the lack of public opinion communication sincerity and ability - it is the common fault of the many of China's official department. For example, a department spokesman is often not the department's important member, he know the "inside" is no better than the outside world how much more, can says to the reporter some perfunctory of mandarin Chinese. This news spokesman more like a kind of decoration.

Will heal the common failing, I'm afraid not let therelatively "class", or training a few qualified news spokesman can act, need more official department adjust our relationship with the public, as soon as possible change "against the wrong" government bad habit, in make sunshine government make greater pace.

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