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Suzhou four consecutive years do the Mid-Autumn Day holiday sports activities

Posted Oct 10 2012 4:03am
"Double" holiday two days before this year, Suzhou held for the fourth consecutive year, the Mid-Autumn Day holiday sports activities. September 30 and October 1, 29 games and 23 show attracted more than 50,000 people directly involved in the national physique monitoring cars free 310 people were tested, Lebron 9 P.S Elite and provide physical report, issued by the movement prescription. The Holiday Sports activities a new Thanksgiving traditions, was welcomed by the general public. Than in previous years, this year's holiday sports activities not only retains the symposium, young and old with Lok tennis traditional items, also special additional fun skating, fun tennis and other fun projects, and was first introduced in the boxing operation, kite martial arts style display content. 29 games and 23 show attracted more than 20,000 applications in the active site, the ingenuity of the game and show one by one. Bike also play a new pattern in single through the obstacles, slow ride, play all the fun and exciting; playing table tennis amused family, family of mutual PK parents and children together on the field; symposium on small to 3-year-old children, a large 96-year-old, all of them equipped with special skills. In contrast, these intellectual class sports bridge game, Cars game, chess game, and then became a public stage in the battle of wits. Boat boxing, tai chi, Mulan fan, dual-stick ... September 30, as one of the activities of the "Holiday Sports", Suzhou third symposium kicked off the 2000 martial arts enthusiasts showed off their own see home skills. This year, a total of 1989 people attended the symposium, the oldest contestant has 96 years, and 20 just kindergarten children, although only 3 years old, but neat, with a kind of mold performing a set of boxing. The symposium also absorb many of the urgent need to protect the project, and the rich Suzhou opening ship boxing also continue to be introduced into the game. Family Table Tennis attract children and adults together into battle, the whole family to share the holiday joy of movement. The game completely to the family as a unit, more than 60 families enrolled in three people of the two sides, respectively, sparring, the implementation of a 3 innings to win the system. Skating venue in Canal Park, nearly 300 families, one thousand eager to experience the fun skating. Jiangsu Province skating team of more than 20 professional athletes speed skating performances, world champion Dan Guo also communicate with the skaters. After that, the parents and the children into battle, expand the family paternity race, the children are responsible for strikes, parents are responsible for folders marbles at one end of the track, only with chopsticks slippery glass beads, half of the children can continue to complete schedule. To promote the sport of boxing to the public last year, Suzhou Boxing Association scheduled a boxing operation. "Holiday Sports" during the event, the the boxing operation of this nearly six minutes in length for the first time displayed. Accompanied by a strong sense of rhythm music, 6 boxing team hitting, jumping, boxing defensive technologies such action into the aerobics, sometimes with fists, sometimes backward, sometimes sliding step, to show the beauty of the force. Suzhou City boxing team in training team members, held two real contest, people were hooked. In addition, bicycles, croquet, football, sports, dance, sailing and tennis project onto the track, was first introduced in the martial arts style show also made his debut. 2012 Sailing Open in Suzhou is also Dushu sports base at the lake, the organizers specially mobilized 5 J80 formal international competitions using sailing, so that members of the public to participate in the race on. Older Suzhou Sports Association has also organized 40 teams to participate in the Square Dance project demonstrates Rouliqiu. In the active site of the sports fitness knowledge propaganda, promotion of sports lottery, national physique monitoring and supporting activities. Eventually, according to statistics, 29 matches total 20,187 people enrolled, 23 show appeared in a total of 2576 people, two days attracted more than 30,000 people Chris Paul Shoes live viewing holiday sports activities, a total of 50,000 people directly involved. Suzhou next year, continue to consolidate social venues and Chief of the three resources continuation of centralized held a number of sports activities, to attract more Sports Association, more fresh movement, more people to join the Mid-Autumn Day holiday sports activities which. (Source: China Sports Daily)
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