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submerged 24 meters drill nike air max 1 online hole detection

Posted Oct 11 2012 1:53am
This time by members of the public who called "Guanyin apparitions. What a deeply moving story!Seven Star Park last attractions Luotuo Feng, named for its camel resembles a squat on the ground, because like an ancient jug, also called for the Pot.The last day, we kobe bryant shoes nz toured kwan'am, kwan'am an underground river export, the tour guide said the export connected with the Lijiang River, because of its water and the Lijiang River, the exit water outflow than to the Lijiang River water green some. Strange Lijiang River water rose also rose, Lijiang River Mizuochi it also fell the water from kwan'am where, for thousands of years has been a mystery. I saw in the cave wall engraved with "kwan'am" a poem: "the Dongfu deeply reflect open water, secluded flower rocks Baiyun heap a pulse Qing outflow does not know the source from where to." To the last century 80 's, the only Chinese geological and hydrological expedition in collaboration with the British diving team, submerged 24 meters drill nike air max 1 online hole detection, and finally uncover the mystery of the eternal, kwan'am groundwater from Lingchuan Nanxu River. On the tour, so I kwan'am With a deeper understanding, I hope everyone can go kwan'am enjoying the beautiful scenery.The last trip to Guilin attraction is the ancient East Falls. The tour guide there, I have a more profound understanding of the ancient East Falls. Ancient East Falls is located in Guilin area, 26 kilometers east, along the Lijiang River, the scenic area development rising star.
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