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Springhill Group Article Reviews : Unicos Combines Advanced Technology with Medical Care

Posted Mar 11 2013 9:57am 1 Comment

Health: it’s something that’s important to everyone in this world.It is inconsequential whether you are rich or poor, attractive or not, when you are suffering from a major health scare, nothing else matters.

This is particularly true when it comes to eye care, as without your vision your life becomes extremely hampered. As a result of this, when people are seeking medical care, they want the best treatments that are available. In order to provide the most state of the art medical care, the world’s top technology combined with the best doctors is of the essence. In Korea, one company stands out in ensuring that this combination is met.

Established in 2002, Unicos Co., Ltd. began by developing and manufacturing health care products with the goal of realizing pleasant and healthy life of its customers.The company’s research and development is conducted at their own research center, which ensures that the company is actively involved in the entire development process, from research to manufacturing.

Unicos has developed a cutting edge product line that is designed to push the forefront of medical advancement and ensure that you are receiving the best possible care. The URK-500 measures iris and pupil diameters at enhanced speed compared to conventional diagnostic systems. Its temperature sensor and improved retro illumination functionality reduce the potential for error. Other products include the ULC-800 monitor, UDR-700 diagnostic machine, and the URK-700 keratometer, amongst others.

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