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Sports stars are most afraid of the hero twilight of Tracy McGrady's expectations can not be too high

Posted Oct 11 2012 1:37am
CBA history, meet three NBA All-Star-level player, Stephon Marbury, Francis and Kenyon Martin. Tracy McGrady, has seven All-Star Jordan Play In These F team, together make up more than three buddies. There is no dispute, he will be the basketball league in China the amnesty's largest brand star. Is controversial particularly warm, will be mixed with how well he was in China. Many media experts pessimistic. CBA foreign aid this year or two more, such as the river carp, really promising, but Marbury, it is difficult to imagine that, Tracy McGrady what may be the exception. Pro, do not accidentally ruin Oh. Most of the fans, but resolutely make a clean break with the experts Boundaries of the 70% of the users said, looking forward Tracy McGrady's arrival. This thing, the key also see what means for the measure. Of ability, Tracy McGrady and then become old, backache leg pain, last season is still important Hawks bench, at least a starting line with the return of Yi Jianlian, eat food that is always in the CBA are eligible. If feel the NBA scoring champion Tracy McGrady reproduce charisma, cut three or four per game very easily as brush creeps ... Keke, Big Brother, you wake up. Ti Maidi 33 years old, only Qingdao, out of more than 100 million U.S. dollars annual salary, less than his past tenth little Fanpin wages play under the waste heat can be, can also expect He Huochu a Laoming ? Beauty since ancient times as the famous, forbidding world see bald. Sports stars are young rice to eat, and the same are most afraid of old age. Tracy McGrady regarded as a good look at him more teenage Iverson was also one eye higher than the top of stunning, now stoop want to come to work, we CBA clubs do not take look at him. Think of all people sigh. McGrady expectations, do not be too Lebron 9 P.S Elite high. Only when he came to China, gave us an old photo album - Gesanchaiwu performances dunk, occasionally chatted fat boy crazy hair Swaying to tap into people's memories of the good old days when Yao and McGrady have been sufficient.
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