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Sports · Are you happy "

Posted Oct 10 2012 4:02am
Feelings of happiness, that to be a down-to-earth contact themselves, but also to the motherland in mind whole world. Comrades to do the physical work, "happy spirit" of the "news network" as a driving force to do a better job of Charles Barkley Shoes competitive sports, national fitness, sports industry, sports culture four Happiness Project. Always felt "Are you happy" if the people of Shanghai to ask effect will be better, because Shanghai dialect can be issued the broader extension connotation of "Lennon happiness wow". "Lennon," the word "I" mean in Shanghai, such as "A Dream of Red Mansions" in "the Nong this mourner people laugh at my folly, years buried Lennon know who? "Lennon" is "you" referred to, has been widely disseminated in the "News Network". "Lennon" Shou County, Anhui dialect pronunciation of "nong", said daughter, "her" meaning there. Ever since it can be derived from the "I'm happy"? "Are you happy?" "Her happiness"? Su Xiaoming singing: Happiness is not a drizzle, Yu Shuzhen sing: happy flowers hearts open, music and dance epic, "The East is Red" recite: "In the Mao era, how happy the people of the motherland ...". Happiness, from competitive sports in terms of: London Olympic Games, our athletes won 85 medals, 32 gold, reasonable to say that the visual enjoyment of sports fans really happy. But difficult finalists from football, basketball is not on the road, volleyball mediocre three ball of pain, the fans have for many years did not feel "happy". It's no wonder the "news network" would rather interview "My name had" of migrant workers, not go to the interview with the Super Stadium fans ... This is a problem, in accordance with the requirements of the Marshal He threw three balls upswing, then, your happiness, "the number of people at least a 50% increase. Happiness: If the guarantee from the national fitness exercise one hour a day, should each participate in the blessings of the people of the national fitness campaign. Only the eight-day holiday of the National Day, so stingy transport sector can allow free passage to the National Highway eight days, and stadiums across the country why not also give the people across the country to send a gift, so that all of the country's stadiums, stadium , swimming pool, fitness center, chess room ...... also free and open to the public? Nation-building so many stadiums, national fitness plan for the benefit of the people, it would be nice in every happiness it. Happiness, from the sports industry point of view: the successful hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games, China's sports industry was only about 0.5% of GDP. The next Olympic Games will be held in Brazil, recently released data show that the total value of the sports industry in Brazil accounted for Brazil's GDP (a total of 410 billion reais, or about $ 202.4 billion), 1.6%. Brazil's sports industry is still showing great potential, still room to continue to develop. The slow pace of development of sports industry in China, has been a serious drag on the hind legs of economic development in China, not tighten policy tilt support, will likely impact the future you happiness ". Happiness, and talk sports culture: This is really for people to bring about the physical and mental happiness culture. Us all these years why sports reserve talents interrupted? Why Football significant population decline? Why adolescent physique worse? Why three balls out of Asia more and more difficult? Why do a Jordan Play In These F lot of stadiums idle? Why see less than a decent sports literary and artistic works? Why ......? This is related to these years the lack of sports culture. Really let people feel in the sports' Are you happy you "need to make sports culture has been further improved. The sports educator once said Professor Ma Yuehan: Sports cultivate good citizens is the most effective, the most interesting, the most appropriate method. Black South African leader Nelson Mandela called for: "Sport has the power to change the world the power of sport is unparalleled, it can motivate people, and unite the people to break racial barriers, the power of sport than Governments.
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