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some excellent info to talk about about it soon

Posted May 21 2013 1:28am
 rather than the lengthy run of PTR identify tests (e.g., 1.09), it seems that this evaluate should be continue for a period of your energy and effort period, and add some more new c
Good information for individuals that cannot hold on for the new identify as 1.0.8 is organized to have a Diablo 3 Gold. It has been exposed in this quote:
I'm really looking forward to the monster stability changes in identify 1.0.8 as well, but we do not have any up-dates for the identify routine yet. We should have some excellent info to talk about about it soon, though, and are currently preparing to do a PTR.
The item changes described in the Itemization blog site are not going to be in identify 1.0.8, and we do not have any details regarding when they'll be applied. We know individuals are wanting to know more about when they can anticipate those changes, though, so we’ll be sure to keep you customized as soon as we have more details.
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