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Small front by the street light to see the man's face

Posted Oct 22 2012 4:57am
Xiaofeng dodging heart thoughts tumbling, the atmosphere of cross indeed see snow and Wu Zheng with learning scenarios in the past, but this moment seems to have gone very differently snow Wu said, many not attempt now to fall in love, but think of the snow may be a well-intentioned, does this. At this time, the small front side suddenly was shot next to him on the shoulder, the small front just a look back, the man lay your hand upon on the mouth.
Small front by the street light to see the man's face, this man - actually looks exactly the same, and Wu Zheng, just a 70-year-old look older, messy spring long hair, mouth, cigarettes small front looking back after being an smoke spray one sounded small front just feel a big mouth and suck others spit flue gas, nausea great. now they do not want to disturb the snow they they all endured swallow her face up into the red which contradictions, nausea taste, it is difficult to statements they all have something to say, but just the sound of some action alarmed Wu Zheng, snow two small Feng Upon seeing it and react the same way that people first out of the way.
Small front man pulled near an abandoned gas station, with no lights around, but distant bright billboards illuminate from the gas station outside must account not see the gas station movement.
The man smiled and said: Wu Yu patted the small front shoulder, said: The small front rooting bottom, people running out of patience. Shall not say half the things people he saw, and pleaded: Wu Yu said: things have been different from the version that I have experienced, but no to change the overall situation. tomorrow, but also small levy's brother when he died. This string of words the small front Ruzhui foggy, said: Wu Yu furrowed brow, In the political arena, involuntarily, I had to rely on the real centrist forces to protect the security of my brother. Order snow
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