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Several practical tips for canvas shoes maintenance

Posted Dec 28 2012 1:11am
Maintenance of canvas shoes note the following:
1) Put canvas shose at ventilated shade after washing dry naturally, do not put them uunder sun exposure or a high temperature baking to prevent withdrawal plastic or unglueing, accelerateing aging.
2) The non-professional labor galoshes do not contact with acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals from corrosion degumming deformation.
3) Cleaning should be gentle and uniform, not force fierce brush, so as not to break, or wash off the body of the shoe pattern and decorative components.
4) Avoid contacting with sharp objects to prevent scratching pierced vamp body of the shoe.
5) The white canvas rubber shoes should not contact with carbon ink and other objects difficult to clean. For this color canvas shoes, paint toothpaste or white chalk powder on the uppers. IT should be uniform, and later dry it preventing discoloration, or find two clean white paper kept in the surface / drying after being teared off also can prevent tarnishing.
6) If shoes disconnects, dropps, or decorative component loosening small problems should be promptly repaired to extend its life.
7) For the friends with sweaty feet, before wearing shoes, you can spray a little vinegar to reduce the odor. Canvas shoes should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew stink.
8) Do not use the washing machine. Some people think canvas shoes flexural, and low price, too lazy to hand wash. They do not know the upholstery pieces and the body of the shoe is not the same. Using ashing machine to wash is easy to fade.
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