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Rome was not built in a day

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:45am
Rome was not built in a day, wants to play in the CBA men's basketball team, and even more so in nike air max bw sale Qingdao. "Teams such as Guangdong in the CBA, is mainly a whole level of strength and win, although Beijing is relying on foreign aid to win the Championship, but its players are not weak, so must not be too hasty in Qingdao. "Jiang Xingquan said.

At noon on Saturday, Qingdao team arrived in Shanghai. "Yao Ming a dinner invite you and his wife 7:30, he only invited both of you, to tell you about a private message. "Hear translations convey Bingbing Wang, Tracy looks very happy," Yao? We can meet! Already for a long time did not see the big man! "Then when training this afternoon t-Mac to the source when the dark arena, Central hang Yao Ming Jersey thing, 15th, he laughed again," he enjoyed a highest team honor. "See how McGrady Yao Ming to read.

Last round lost to Shanghai, morale of the stars fell to the bottom, maidi combustion in the locker room, other players are also extremely uncomfortable, silence from the stadium back to the hotel the bus. Yesterday morning, from the hotel to the airport, the players also seem preoccupied. Seeing this situation, General Manager of Tin Shun also deliberately released a "bus address", encouraging players to lay down their burdens, do not bear a heavy psychological burden, regardless of whether you win or lose in the match at the back, can really bring out strengths well.

Mbemga before the match, far from satisfactory. Former coach Jiang Zhengxiu, said: "through the first two games can be seen, the problem is not t-Mac who, issues upon Mbemga. "Clubs and McGrady once Mbemga also have hope, McGrady said:" he men's nike air max 2011 gives us a defense, he is a good defensive player, we need to play like a team of good performance, you can't put the blame on one person. "After four losing streak, Qingdao has lost patience. These days, candidates proposed by the Qingdao team has received a lot of brokers, clubs like AiDi·Keli and one 2.16-meter in the NCAA war Center.
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