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role in the collapse of the integrity supra falcon and moral system if not attach

Posted Jan 24 2013 7:40am
There is no doubt that the government's strong push of the start-up and development of the cultural industry is essential, relaxed environment and preferential policies support is also necessary, but the cultural industry can really develop, ultimately depends on the market, depending on market the operation, competitiveness and self-development capabilities. The market place is the end result of the product and value realization, there is no market, there is no industry.The cultural industry is to create an attractive, kind of looking forward to meet the people's pursuit and hope. Tightly attracted people to the cultural products or services, which have a market; market in order to prop up industries. The information age is the great development of information industry, information products are increasingly rich, it is submerged in the ocean of nike blazer high all kinds of information, the information in the social and economic operation, occupy an increasingly important position in people's daily lives, and play increasingly huge role that in the case of the missing information, the normal operation of the social economy and people's normal life will be seriously affected.

The development of information greatly improves labor productivity, rich, and to facilitate the lives of people, information distortion and confusion, however, will bring huge damage to the socio-economic development and people's lives, especially its whole social credit system, the social very large role in the collapse of the integrity supra falcon and moral system, if not attach great importance to seriously resolve adverse consequences to repair the harm may want to spend the time and effort of dozens of times. It had been to divide the development of human society era marked by the production of tools: such as the industrial age of the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, the era of handicraft workshop, machine, electrical era, the information age.
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