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Review Apple MacBook Pro Unibody Notebook

Posted Jan 28 2011 6:10am

The 17 “Unibody MacBook Pro (MBP) is the current top model of the Apple notebook series and therefore the most powerful

mobile notebook with Mac OS X. Apple also advertises the laptop as the thinnest and lightest 17 “machine in the world. In

fact one finds in the weight class up to 3kg mostly 15-16″ laptops.

The processing of the aluminum case is without any blemish. By omitting the Apple iBook G4 12 inch Battery case was the only

inaccurate interface the thin aluminum cover is sitting with the apple are often not completely perfect saved. The gaps are

typically Apple-designed and clean and the lid is now closed thanks to the new locking mechanism from the other unibody Macs

absolutely flat.

Compared to other 17 “notebooks are particularly lacking an HDMI output for TV, which is also an adapter is not easy to

retrofit because the display port delivers no sound,
Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch Battery, e-SATA for connecting external hard

drives without speed loss, and a card reader. An Express Card slot is indeed installed, but only 34mm wide. A docking station

for easy access Expand missing, the Apple notebooks complete - unfortunately little “Pro”.

All the interfaces are arranged on the left rear side of the case ,only the gap for the Kensington Lock is on the right side

. This is very convenient for right-handed and probably acceptable even for left-handed by the set-back placement.

Wireless offers the MacBook Pro, the standard interfaces in this price range. Striking feature of the built-draft-n WLAN chip

from Broadcom as Windows computers usually an Intel adapter is used. The draft-n chips in the acer travelmate 290 battery

made under Windows causes problems. The Gigabit LAN controls the 9400M chipset with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and there are also

on-board. IRDA to give only one direction for the (optional) MacRemote remote.

The layout of the keyboard is typically optimized for Apple notebooks in contrast to Windows and Mac OS X. Windows users will

need to move here at first. Compared to the old
apple a1185 battery changed, especially the assignment of the function

keys,which now invoke the special functions without FN . Other minor changes concerning the renaming of the Apple key in

“cmd” and replacing the 2 Enter key with a second Alt key (like Alt-GR common in Windows notebooks). Furthermore, the square

and curly brackets are not marked (annoying for programmers).

The innovative new glass trackpad has made it into the 17 inch model. Apple made it very good sliding properties of the old

touch pad to improve still further. The surface of treated glass makes the use of fun. To bear the new multi-touch functions

at four fingers.

Despite the good brightness, interfere with the normal “glossy” version of the acer aspire one battery strong reflections in

bright environments. For example, the work on the balcony or garden when the sun is virtually impossible. Even in bright

rooms, you can use the widescreen display as a makeup mirror. Therefore, all prospective buyers who want to work several

hours a day with the device, the optional matte screen should consider. Here the glass plate is omitted from the display and

an aluminum frame (as with the previous model) mounted. While not as visually elegant, but far easier on the eyes.

A new feature in the 17 “Apple Display is a 60% more color space than the previous model. In our test with a Spyder3Elite

spectrophotometer, the panel showed a par with the Wide Gamut panel of the APPLE. Consequently, it is however still well

behind the 16 “RGB LED backlit panel and clearly the “standard panel” of the aluminum MacBook.

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