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Rediculous Requests and Learned Behavior

Posted Oct 17 2006 12:00am

Salinda asked tonight to go to a sleepover with both boys and girls as a 13 year old -- and I’m not talking about a church lockin.

She freaked out when I told her no. To the point of pretending to run away. Fortunately, she’s smart enough that she came back within a few minutes, but the argument that preceded was pretty crazy. The things she was saying were so off base.

I hate it that she has learned the “I’ll run away” trick from her older brothers. I hated, for those 15 minutes, having to think once again about whether or not to call law enforcement, follow her, call her friends, what.

But she’s back now, so in an hour or so when my adrenaline stops pounding through my veins at top speed, I may be able to go to sleep.

Now tell me, please, I’m not off base saying no to this request am I?

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