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Raw gas

Posted by peutereyoutlet27

In the old Tibet, there is a call to love, man, every time angry and people argument, fast ran home, around his house and land run three ring, and then sit at the edges of fields panting, ai and work very industrious efforts, his house is more and more big, the land is becoming more and more wide, but no matter how much real estate, as long as you argue with others angry, he will still be around the house and the land around 3 laps, ai and why each time angry all around the house Giubbotti Peuterey Uomo  and the land around 3 ring?
To all who knew him, psychological are up doubts, but no matter how to ask him, to love, do not want to explain, until one day, ai and very old, his real estate has already too broad, he angry, on crutches difficult around the land to the house, and he is very not easy to go 3 laps, the sun came down from the mountain, love to ba was sitting alone in a dilapidated wooden panting, his grandson in the side begged him: "grandfather go, you already age is old, the nearby areas and no one land more than you, you can't be once upon a time, a angry is around the land run! Can you tell me the secret, why do you a life to be about to run around the land three ring????????" 
Love to be unable to stand and grandson entreaty, finally say hidden in the heart of many years of secret.
He said: "when I was young, I a quarrel with others, to argue and angry, just around the real estate run 3 laps, ran the side to think, my house is so small, and the land is so small, and I don't have time, which have qualified to with somebody else angry, a thought of here, gas is away, so he put all the time to be used.
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