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Rajon rondo batch of green army too lazy: we have a natural talent but embarrassing record

Posted Jan 22 2013 7:08am
Time on January 21, 88-103 loss to the celtics piston game later, rivers in an interview of a speech is a stone arouse thousand layer wave. Doc rivers said publicly, the team must be together, played has gotten, otherwise some players face to leave the team's situation. "Either I use the right players to find the right chemistry, or some of us Cheap Lebron X players will leave here. This is the team's bottom line, for now the players in the squad, they are not in the right way to play. But now the team obviously did not do this, not I didn't let them know it, is among them enough unity. In short, or we do these things, or we will have to change." Rivers in his post-match press conference said. To coach the current mood, garnett said empathy, he said: "I am very sure, coach doc rivers now like everyone else, are very disappointed and frustrated, as a player I can only say what I can do better some? '" the defeat at and piston game later, make the celtics current record only twenty - and negative, 50% of them (currently only ranked eighth east. Captain Pierce about players duties said: "you know, the players will do what they should do. My job is to court, every game to pay, as far as possible to help the team, then go such performance, help the team win." And not the words of mouth always choose the more long, in the face of the coach doc rivers strafe the team's speech, in an interview he also Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes call a spade a spade to point out the current team there are some problems, rajon rondo said, now the celtics just a little too lazy. "For me, now the team is too lazy, our dressing room seems too lazy." Rajon rondo said, "although the team a lot of players have easy-going good temper, but we must show enough bucket sex. And now, we have talent, but record but a feel embarrassed. Until the players change this to just go. I don't know if we want to make changes, we still going to court to play a good game." After losing to Detroit in, make the celtics at present had three straight, and in fact, rivers in his post-match comments is not only for the players, he said in an interview to also the review. "Obviously I didn't do my job, I'm serious, I didn't want to let the team frayed nerves. I told them, we must find a way to make all of the 12 players together" in addition, rivers will also team players to each other is not honest problem refers to come out, he said: "I think the players didn't be honest with each other, I don't think we are a big Lebron 10 Elite team. I think this team currently see everything is very easy, they think that winning is very simple things. I told them that the only way to get win become simple, is that you have to try to play, the harder you work the play, so your game will become increasingly easy." With the NBA season of active trading market gradually, each team's gossip also began to busy up. According to the NBA's official website reporter Sam - Amy department in the Twitter exposure material, the lakers to knight guard Gibson has a very strong interest in. Gibson is 2006 years in the NBA, is a second round of show, he has played in the league six seasons. Next month Gibson will at least 27 years old. Amy department said, Gibson for dandong, the system is a more suitable for but person. The only pity is that now the lakers do not have the appropriate chip can provide knight in exchange. Gibson in the NBA six seasons are all playing for knight, career averages can contribute 8.1 points, 2.0 assists and 2.0 rebounds. In 2008, Gibson attended the all-star rookie dual meet, in the game to put into a record 11 3-pointers, won the MVP honor. The current record is still not stable, 17 games and negative record that they only row in the west Lebron X For Sale the position of the 12. The past ten games they only made two wins. This season Gibson played and games, averaging 7.2 points, 1.4 rebounds and 1.9 assists.Brooklyn basket nets (25-16 negative) on the road to get a valuable victory. Although Anthony get game-high 29 points, but Johnson scored 25 points, deron had 14 points and 12 assists, and 22.3 seconds before the final shot hit Johnson to help put the basket, deron finally time four penalty 3, and miss Smith buzzer from three points, the basket on the road to a 88-85 win over the New York knicks (25 - and negative). Basket the nets made two wins, the knicks end two wins.
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