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Purchase on Selection of Cute iPhone 5 Cases

Posted Feb 04 2013 9:36am

There are many kinds of Apple iPhone 5 cases in the current market. But as Capdase KPIH5-P101 pearl case accessories, these kinds of Apple iPhone 5 cases are very few. In addition to protecting case solid fashion itself, it also presented bag, bracket and the film, perfect four piece set to create a more comprehensive protection.

The most attraction of Capdase iPhone 5 pearl cases for users is undoubtedly the pearly luster. The pearl case is coating, surface color is unique, has noble temperament. Besides the appearance is beautiful, Capdase KPIH5-P101 pearl cases are personalised for iPhone5 users, features an open design, installation and disassembly is more convenient. At the same time, it can also offer users of iPhone 5dustproof, shockproof, scratch, comprehensive protection for iPhone 5 users.

Capdase KPIH5-P101 pearl case also provides the black, white, pink and purple four colors for customers to choose from, but also meet individual needs. Screen saver with gift packaging paste, protection bag, the dustproof plug and movie browsing support, not only can more comprehensive protection of iPhone 5, display, and also can be used as a stand when the users watch video, which has practical design and human nature.

Acase is from China Taiwan professional digital accessories brand, its products has been more focus on the humanistic design, at the same time in the work materials and be strict in one's demands. Recently it launched a double-layer detachable protective case, which offers more comprehensive protection for iPhone 5. Acase Apple iPhone 5 double protective case is using silica gel and PC plastic collocation, shockproof cushioning ability is stronger, and exquisite mold manufacturing capacity is also the continuation of Acase 's standard, in addition, the protective cover also provides a multi-color optional, which is more fashion personality. The design of Acase Apple iPhone 5 double protection case according to the prototype mold, dual speakers, camera hole for precision, and inner rubber layer also has a data line the dustproof plug, protective effect is a more comprehensive. Do you like these cute iphone 5 cases?

While many iPhone 5 protective cases used one time molding design, u love has been the first time introduced a three in one design of iPhone 5 colorful protective cases products. It is not only easier to a mobile phone, also is convenient for the user and replaces the protective shell color, according to their own preferences. In addition, protective effect is good, can effectively prevent the occurrence paint problems for iPhone 5. E love ICL04 colorful protective case is using PC and nubuck materials, fine workmanship, can be a perfect fit for iPhone 5 fuselage. The rubber frosted feel, can also be effective slip. The case consists of three parts, disassembly and installation more convenient. The hole design of ICL04 iPhone 5 colorful protective case is very professional, normal use will not hinder any port, keyboard, camera. Color part above the shell can be disassembled, and provides six color optional, which is more convenient for users according to their own needs to replace the color you like.

MOMAX is a famous Hong Kong digital accessories brand, high-quality products to the core requirements, with beautiful appearance, good practicability constantly breakthrough innovation, in Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and other places , it has got a good reputation. The recent iPhone 5 launched a notepad clamshell case, high-grade PU material, buckle design, complete accessories, can provide comprehensive protection for your beloved iPhone 5.

MOMAX Notepad flip type iPhone 5 case used beautiful transparent packaging, stylish atmosphere. It used Leather imported high-quality cross pattern PU producing, hand sewing production process, with the most comfortable feel, but also falling wear. Holster inside also design multiple insert card, humanity utility.

MOMAX Notepad flip type iPhone 5 case uses magnetic buckle design, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone sliding out. The case also has open hole design, completely does not affect the normal use of the speaker, the volume keys, camera. It also has the support function, see the video game playing more effort. The packaging also gave the film and screen cleaning cloth, but also to provide comprehensive protection for iPhone 5 screen.

Do you like the above of these unique iPhone cases? If you want to learn more information about iPhone cases, you can go to icase-zone.

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