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Pumpkins and Pride

Posted Oct 23 2009 12:00am
The air is moving and crisp. Perfect for a pumpkin patch visit.

After more yelling than I'd like to admit, I got all six kids out of the door by 9! am. Dressed, fed, lunch packed. Ready.

We drove an hour to a Christmas Tree Farm that has their pumpkin patch and activities set up. We pet goats, llamas, horses, avoided the biting donkey, decorated pumpkins, got lost in a maze, dressed scarecrows and went on a hayride. All that followed by a picnic lunch and an hour trip back home. We had fun!

I remember a time, not too long ago, when I couldn't have done this. Armadillo doesn't rage anymore. Butterfly hasn't raged in years. Despite the struggles we have at home, I am amazed at how far we've come.

Lately, we've been dealing with a huge pride issue in Butterfly. Why is it that the people with the lowest self esteem always have the biggest issue with pride? Don't they realize it makes people think worse of them? My little girl certainly doesn't get this fact. Since Diamond has moved in, Butterfly's pride issues have skyrocketed to the top of the crisis list. Butterfly has a pea under her mattress and isn't handling it well. She's bossy, manipulative, defensive and controlling. All because of pride. We've known we were battling this for a long while, but now we're forced to deal with it. It has actually been good for all of us. Because around here, you don't go at your problems alone.

We've been reading a book called . Oh, how wonderful it is. Admittedly, I see no change in Butterfly, but I do in myself, Leader, and Artist. Because of Butterfly's crisis, we are becoming a closer and stronger family. And I know Butterfly won't be far behind.
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