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prior to join Dalian aerbin

Posted Jan 16 2013 7:47am
Once supporting Bora Milutinovic's famous Jiao Dou Jin Zhiyang, lead limit East, Xu Yang, Gao Leilei, Cao by Han Xu, Shang Yi, and other times a famous players played for the Beijing Guoan, after a 90-minute competition and the shootout, ultimate nike blazer men old boys-5:3. Of course, the result is of secondary importance. According to jiangdong charity statistics after the game, before the game and loving persons contributions, there are more than 200,000 yuan.

For fans, yesterday's benefit only small regret, is already booked air ticket peak, because of the previous day had a cold, but did not attend. Being a football commentator Xu Yang, not playing coming rest day in Ningbo. Replacement play, he finished playing the game have to night aircraft flew back to Beijing, "explained night there are two games, has been much talked about at six in the morning.

The Beijing Guo an team ushered in the haigeng winter training in Kunming during the final match, scored by virtue of Gelon, and Kanoute, Li Tixiang and Xu Wu, national security ultimately 4:0 beat Chongqing lifan team from a League, made begins 5 consecutive victories. Can be seen by several games, national security manager nike blazer women Stanoevici is in accordance with their own ideas on the transformation of the team, while new foreign aid is still not in place, but national security lineup is beginning to take shape for the new season.

Indeed, prior to join Dalian aerbin, Yin Road is war and class b player, but now he has been super, "is aerbin gave me this, which I will never forget! Time of farewell, Yin Road to Dalian's fans say the words of thanks, "now I have to go, to Dalian's fans have only to thank, both those scolded me, still haven't called me! "Yin Lu said, is because in the last season in the Chinese Super League, Yin Lu win because while it is there have been some mistakes, Dalian fans was verbal abuse, these Yin Road is very light," this is normal, I cannot ensure that everyone likes me! As a player, sure to like you, don't like you!
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