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Pre-season training camp this season

Posted Mar 08 2013 8:52am
Pre-season training camp this season, Kevin j. Martin did not have to be sent away, is the rocket's most experienced player, but he doesn't have the charisma, not very good in the presence of helping team-mate into the team, this task has landed in the Parsons who just fade off rookie coat. "He has four cheap supra shoes  years of experience and a high basketball IQ, he has a veteran wisdom, so well placed to help his team-mates," said Kevin j. Martin.
Last season, Parsons shot poorly, most appalling is his free throw percentage is only pathetic 55.1%, even worse than the most inside player. "I need to significantly upgrade their free supra falcon shoes uk throws, want free throw percentage can reach more than 75% my Trey not my strong suit, only 34% hits, I want to be able to stabilize at an integer between 37%, so I am satisfied," Parsons, the goal has been made before the start of the season.
Successfully reversed 25 supra society shoes for sale points behind Los Angeles Lakers defeat xinaoerlianghuangfeng, who got the victory for a raise the morale of the troops, the victory helped the Lakers continue to narrow the gap with the top eight in the West. Paul Gasol to be on the injury list after the game praised the performance of his team-mates, charity-world peace-you encourage other teams to supra skytop cheap help the Lakers stop. After a Lakers win, Gasol will update Twitter, his teammates were much praised. Spain who wrote: "our team played the fourth section of the incredible! Vino (Bryant's new nickname) of monster-like world war I, plus the team defensive performance in the results of the efforts, had won the game! The Lakers come on! ”
But outbreaks of single result is just a blip. The distal phalanx, Arsic was once again being frozen until only 4 seconds before the final stage, but were immediately replaced. Inside Defense also show some signs of the rocket, single section is available only to the calf in ext to get 2 points, but so far not won victory, this heart health puzzle. Although the performance of the first three discount nike blazers sections Arsic is debatable, but after all he was the best defensive player, rocket, and can protect the rebounds, partly because he and his teammates cover for the more skilled, can produce some attacking opportunities. Single section most of the time on ice a first episode, until the final 4 seconds before again makes its appearance, this rotation is really rare.
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