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Pneumatic Conveying Systems Have Plenty of Benefits

Posted Oct 10 2013 9:58am

Industry is driven by performance at every turn. When products require to be handled in a specific technique that needs to be sterile as feasible, you require going to the drawing board and think of a solution that is going to get the job done. If you have never heard of pneumatic conveying system, or you are not satisfied of its power, this is definitely the right guide for you. It is perfectly understandable to be skeptical, if you are trying to restructure the manufacturing technique in way or another. The pneumatic conveying systems on the market are designed to give you the setup for a sterile way to handle powders and other solids without introducing dust in to the technique. For something as delicate as electronics, this can be a positive win for any company.

Trying to pick a method that will let you get the most out of the process is important. Did you know that when it comes to pneumatic conveying there is actually different systems in play? You have a negative pressure method, a positive pressure method, and a hybrid method that makes use of a tiny from both systems to generate a different process entirely.

The negative pressure systems gain the most interest at first because the pressure used is designed in such a way that the energy is diverted primarily to moving product. There are also no rotary valves involved that would keep the gas from flowing freely. The advantage of this method is that it can be used when you are dealing with very poisonous materials, as contamination can lead to issues. Material handling conveyors is also superior in a negative-pressure method, but you'll still get this benefit with positive pressure systems.

However, there are some disadvantages to the negative pressure method, namely the fact that you cannot use this with a high rate of solids. For that, you will actually need to go with a positive pressure method. This is where it will be more suitable to process high rates of solids quickly without contamination risks coming in to the picture. Don't forget that you will also require looking at scalability issues. While both systems scale, you will need to calculate this cost in to the "future" of your project. In other words, you might have figured out all of the costs for the installation & implementation, but have you thought about the type of method that you ultimately require when the project needs to be expanded several years from now? It is important to keep these things in mind for the future, after all.

It's critical to discover a supplier that you trust. It is not to look in to pneumatic material handling equipment and pneumatic conveying. You require looking in to the reputation of the company that you are interested in. Do they handle you with respect from the outset? Do they answer your questions and demonstrate expertise from start to finish?

Take your time while taking a look at different systems. You'll require figuring in the cost of installation and implementation, which can differ depending on which technique you ultimately go with. Check out things for yourself now, while it is still on your mind.

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