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Pins and Needles

Posted Apr 26 2006 12:00am
Well, today is the day J's cw is supposed to go to court in order to have the termination dates scheduled. I'm waiting on pins and needles, hoping she will call when she has them in her datebook. I'm having a home visit today with the intern so maybe she will send the dates with him... but will she??? I just want to know!!! :)

In other news, on top of everything else that's going on right now: moving!!!, adoption plans, etc. I got into a car accident on Friday! My stupid fault, no one was hurt, their car hardly had anything but a couple scrapes on the bumper, but mine, well it sure looked ok the day of the crash. Must have had me fooled. We didn't see any damage that day, but Saturday I walked around the front to get B from the other side and happened to look down. There must have been a crack in the grill because it is now almost completely cracked in half and separating. The grill and headlight panel need to be replaced as well as the bumper touched up, though I'm not worried about that. And what is my deductable in all this, since I've only ever had one car accident in my life, and didn't think it needed to be real low??? $500! May not seem like too very much, but in the midst of moving it's like a mountain that rose up out of a molehill.

God, grant me patience and good stewardship over Your money right now! :)
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