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Physical examination of the Karoo

Posted Mar 01 2013 6:28am
Physical examination of the Karoo arrived in Milan at the age of 33 after the failure, of the Italy football, indeed Inter Milan advance preparation for 15-day air yeezy for sale    observation of the Karoo is over. Karoo status could not be guaranteed, after all after he left West Ham United last summer, Karoo has been 8 months without playing football. However, Karoo's agent insists Karoo's body and not much problem, "Karoo's physical condition is very good, he doesn't have any injuries, first inspection showed there is nothing wrong with his body. Of course, he didn't play 8 months, he may lack the sense of jordan retro 3 for sale competition, he was ready for everything. "And appealed to," he is an experienced player, give him a chance, he will prove his worth. ”
As Cassano 10 years younger than fellow Barry, Bellomo is fully dressed in jerseys, 10th provoking Barry beam. Bellomo 16 appearances in League for the team this season and into 6 balls, local media are calling it the "new card Sano". Because Bellomo jordan retro 6 for sale had exposed their childhood is Inter Milan fans, Sky Sports said it are more likely to select blue and black Legion, Bellomo said recently in an interview that he did not make up your mind.
Week in the face Barcelona, Chaaraoui dedication has 1 times assists and planning has a grain scored, and also spell to has cramps, this field competition Chaaraoui still jordan retro 7 for sale continued has good of State, he most wonderful of a curtain appears in subsection 21 minutes, Boateng road took ball zhihou, in Inter Milan players steals Qian will ball inclined to has Chaaraoui, "small old law" led ball zhihou, actually space has very small, long friends Woo are and melon forest are seal has up, now if to with left feet led ball, again select shooting of may has no time and space has, At the cheap nike air yeezy 1 moment, Chaaraoui unexpectedly with right foot instep directly select ejection, such as artillery shells on a direct flight to the left right corner, handanovic GK is also helpless.
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