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Pedaling Progress

Posted Nov 10 2009 12:00am
We love our bicycles. Leader, Artist, Butterfly, and Diamond all ride their own. The Baby rides in a seat on the back of my husband's bike, and Armadillo has his own attached to the back of my bike like the one pictured on the left. Every time we ride at least one person inevitably asks, sometimes yelling out of a pickup window, "Are those all yours?" Gotta love it.

We weren't sure that Armadillo would be able to stay on this bike when we got it a little less than a year ago. We didn't want to put him inside of an enclosed trailer where he would be closed away from the rest of us (and pick it to pieces from the inside out), so we went to the bike shop and tried this out. Although he couldn't pedal, it was easy to balance him once I got used to it. He can be quite the stinker, and he often throws his weight back and forth, side to side , but it's still manageable. I need the workout.

This last bike ride in our beautiful Texas Autumn weather was different. Not the stinker part. . .he's still got that down. But Armadillo actually could pedal the bike. He went from pedaling half circles backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards. . .to full frontward circles! He pedaled like he's been doing it for years. Until I complimented him. Then he started dragging the front of his shoes on the ground like he didn't know how to pedal. It's insane, right? It's okay. I helped him out.

"Armadillo, your shoes must be too big! They have started dragging on the ground when you pedal! Let me have those shoes and I'll just hang them on the handle bars up here so they're not in your way."

Those feet stayed on the pedals. And we got to enjoy the rest of our victorious ride.
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