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Overall strength of Qingdao team worse

Posted Dec 05 2012 7:45am
But the situation is different this season, teams on the championship team in Beijing to drum up local scoring Regan Li Wang for offensive capabilities should not be underestimated, hard nike air max bw sale power increased rather than reduced, is more important, experienced champion honed and baptism, Beijing has already risen by one level in the playing style. In the case of role players to force Marbury converted roles, more passing teams of kneading, becomes necessary--of course, true to life and death moments, Marbury will timely open scoring mode, but moments like this occurs, the less the better.

Back and forth between empty compliments and so completed the isolation of Yao Mai. When fans react, noise and applause rang again. Such scenes countless people very saddened, "we are looking at Yao Mai games growing up, he was our Idol. "A young fans already shone with tears in the eyes.

Last night at maidi ball, experienced team-mates many times ignored, comments on the contest explained and gentlemen Li Nan: "maidi had been to the ball, but from Feng Qi to Zhao y g, not seen maidi. "When maidi is changing is going to go to the bench when more directly to a private trainer, said:" they are not. "Nan Li is very concerned about this:" this may be a vicious circle, maidi and partnership will become increasingly difficult.

Overall strength of Qingdao team worse, makes fans worried, maidi will prefer to leave the idea of CBA. However kelailunda maidi wife quipped in an interview: "if he is halfway through the run men's nike air max 2011 back to the United States, I will not let him enter the House.CBA yesterday, the fourth round of war, maidi and his team team 77:93 fans of Shanghai, Qingdao, Sorenstam still has winning record. Has become boss Yao Ming of the Shanghai with his wife ye Li appeared yuanshen Sports Center, and when the rockets, "Yao Mai mix" to CBA game reunion.
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