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Posted Jul 09 2008 12:00am
Yesterday, I went to my annual OB appointment for some pap fun.

My appointment was at 3pm. I showed up at 2:45 and was told to fill out some paperwork. I then proceeded to hyperventilate in the lobby watching all the preggos.

I was called back at 2:50 and my height, weight, and BP was taken. They then asked me back in the exam room to change in the little paper gown.

I sat (I kid you not) from 2:55 until 4:10.

At 4:10, the OB STILL had not come into the exam room to see me. Nobody had came by to tell me what the hold up was either. I. Was. Furious!!! I am sitting in there, for OVER an HOUR in the cold ass little room with only a paper gown?! I mean, come on, I know she has other patients, but what is the point of making an appointment?! I was seriously thinking about "swabbing" myself in order to just get it over with.

At 4:10 I threw my clothes back on and stormed into the nurses office and told them I was leaving. They said, "Oh, the Dr. hasn't seen you yet?" I said, "NO!!!" The nurse said, "Well, you're next after she is finished if you'd like to stay." I said, "No way," and left.

I was wanting to get a new OB anyways now that we've moved to the other side of town. I guess this now gives me a reason. I am going to be so pissed if they bill me.
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