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New-launched iPad mini tablet will boost digital publishing

Posted Nov 02 2012 6:02am

Apple just announced its latest tablet, iPad Mini, which grabs many tablet fans’ eyeballs. People talk about it a lot recently. It received good reviews for cheaper price, smaller size and high capacities.

When the first time, original iPad 1 came up, it shocked so many customers. It redefined what a tablet could do, look and feel like. Now, once again, this new-launched iPad mini keeps surprising people.

Apple iPad mini features 7.9” screen, 512MB RAM and A5 chip that’s same chip powers iPad 2. The tablet has storage of 16GB/32GB/64GB. Regarding camera function, it has 5MP rear camera with backside illumination, 1.2MP front camera, which is better that iPad 2. About other miscellaneous things, it got Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS/, lightning connector, and 4G/LTE. IPad mini comes in a new dimension that is 7.2mm thick and weighs up to 312 grams.

From above short introduce, you can found that iPad mini and the iPad 2 are almost similar, with same A5 chip and RAM, faster Wi-Fi, improved cameras, and LTE. So the iPad mini is a powerful tablet with smaller size. It offers the full iPad experience, but with more lower price, which is breathtaking for customers.

With appearance of iPad mini, tablet market is being more crowded, and it will bring tablets into the mainstream. It’s no doubt that more customers are getting into the tablet market. No one is going to dispute that.

This also will boost digital publishing industry. Since more and more people read on digital mobile devices instead of traditional paper. With tablet, people can read any where any time. Besides individual reading usage, there’s commercial usage. Business man can use iPad to present their e-catalogue, e-booklet, e-magazine, etc.

How to publish gorgeous and attractive digital publication that can be viewed on iPad and other tablets?

1. You need to choose digital publishing software that support reading e-publication on mobile and tablet. Not all digital books can be read on mobile phone or iPad tablet. You have to pick up the one which support iPad reading. Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro is a good choice. It converts PDF to flash with flipping animation, which make e-reading just like as traditional way. Most important, it produces e-publication which can be read on iPad.

2. Containing enough and useful information which people may be interested. You should feed them with what they expect. 

3. Fill your e-publication with more multimedia materials. Embedding video, audio, SWF, hyperlink, hotspot etc, it will definitely enrich and enhance your e-book’s quality. Make it desired to read.

4. Decorate with stylish element, such as background, button layout, clipart, etc, to get excellent visual effect. These designs make your digital magazine outstanding, becoming more attractive and gorgeous.

Above are some tips for creating e-publications readable on mobile and tablet, such as iPhone, iPad and Android-power tablet. By using Page Turning Software, readers can get same or even better reading experience on digital portable devices. As we all know, tablet and other mobile digital devices are spreading fast. That means that your publication can reach more and more people.

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