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More thrilling is that Sun Pinghai opening

Posted Nov 21 2012 6:43am
More thrilling is that Sun Pinghai opening soon collided with Zhang Yuan was injured, the Sha Yibo cheap reebok trainers was sitting on the bench, "shiver", he later joked, has really changed him, not to be playing basketball. Eventually, he got no access to play opportunities, leaving only a goalkeeper of the dress as a souvenir.

That year, they also battle cuori in Campo's young, now has been as a coach, boss, ushered in the spring of their second life. Through football to change fate, also takes us into the world of football. At that time, I was a cry in the first stadium, in front of the TV to watch the game of junior high school students, now have the opportunity to tell the year like stars face to face interview.

Memories, memories and feared, much of his past, how much feeling. They have been in, have in our deep mind, now in front. Wednesday's friendly, not only evoke memories of people, we should evoke memories of love. Football is the best sport in the world, Chinese football shouldn't become public spittoons. More care, less name-calling memories after 20 years, will be more beautiful.

On October 27, of Guangzhou and Qingdao zhongneng home game, Li Liangshi appeared on the podium. However, when reebok zigtech uk he did not appear to generate media attention, more is to treat him as an old acquaintance. In fact, at that time, and Li Liangshi has contacted over a week's time. As both sides in the future on the idea of thinking and soon formed a consensus thus contributed again very soon. It is understood that before the return to work, Li Liangshi with friends in Beijing operated a brand management company.
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