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Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Contemporary: A brand new Watch, A brand new Sponsor, And also Contemporary Respect

Posted Dec 22 2010 3:22am

A couple of weeks again we wrote an introductory piece on Maurice de Mauriac Zurich exactly where we praised the brand and Daniel Dreifuss for producing stylish and creative designs for actual omega watches enthusiasts across the world. However style is one issue, wearability is another. As such, we have been completely testing a Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern day for the final couple of weeks, we even took it on vacation with us. So how does this store timepiece hold up versus numerous much more well-known rivals within the same value bracket? Let's take a look.

Very first, you need to comprehend that despite the fact that you may locate "Chronograph Modern" listed on the MdM website, you merely won't locate the timepiece we tested, so do not bother looking. This is component of the attractiveness of the brand itself, its watches are wholistically distinctive, significance that despite the fact that several parts make up a certain lines (Chronograph Modern day, in this case), extremely couple of watches are precisely the same, what is some thing several of us here at Hodinkee cherish. Daniel Dreifuss and his timepiece makers blend and match hands, pushers, case materials, straps and bezels to create individual parts. We should say, ours is a superb mixture of materials.

Our particular Chronograph Modern day can be a blacked out timepiece; black strap, black appearance, black case. Even so, it's not your typical stainless steel black, ours is truly made from Titanium, giving the timepiece a lighter profile as well as a sleek grey caseback. The appearance is textured, the strap can be a sporty nylon black, and also the pushers are screw down in grey. This timepiece is sleek. The caseback is sapphire crystal and you can see the valjoux chronograph motion operating away in there, the rotor is engraved Maurice de Mauriac.

We wore the timepiece flying, hiking, relaxing, drinking, and wedding-attending, and it fit every require correctly. Really, one of the finest components to this timepiece is that often whilst it's most certainly extremely high quality, it does not attract the wrong type of focus. Wearing a Rolex in Latest York is one issue, having on a Rolex on a tiny island within the West Indies is another. It really is the type of timepiece that you simply can put on and really feel quietly optimistic that what's in your wrist is excellent to 99% of the people around you, but yet they do not require to know it (similar to this, to a smaller degree).

Currently for impressions. We exhibited the timepiece to a couple of of our compatriots and also the outcome was unified. They all loved it. One person, a Bell & Ross owner, even said he preferred the MdM to his B&R and could be looking in to ordering one immediately (just after he hacked his Bell).

This particular Chronograph Modern day can be a distinctive option towards the likes of an IWC or a higher-end Omega. Believe it or not, you cannot help but yet notice that it bears numerous resemblance towards the IWC Top Gun. That said, everyone has an IWC, and whilst we think it's an incredible brand, what fun is it having the same issue considered as everyone else?

So precisely how much did we just like this Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern day? We liked it so much that we obtained it. Yes, this timepiece has currently officially entered our Hodinkee timepiece cabinet and we have not taken it off our wrists once because receiving the package from Zurich.

Push here for our gallery of OUR Maurice de Mauriac Zurich Chronograph Modern day.

Any time we told Daniel Dreifuss how much we loved his hublot watches and that we would just like to buy it, we began to speak much more in relation to solely what his shop does. While he is certainly the maestro, he has several other watchmakers that effort with him. He says they create at least one brand new option per day, whether it be a appearance, strap, hand or case. Numerous of his watch-makers are ex-IWC workers, another is currently operating for Philippe Dufour who numerous describe considered as the finest being timepiece maker.

Daniel is currently beginning to effort on a Tourbillon model for his lineup, and guess who he has helping him with this? A man responsible for producing Tourbillon chronograph minute repeaters for one of the Enormous Three (despite the fact that we can't tell you what one). How cool is that often?

Always, considering that we were so impressed by what Maurice de Mauriac Zurich has to produce and can't wait to see what they do next, we offered them a position considered as a sponsor of Hodinkee, a position that gladly acknowledged. Currently, Hodinkee is sponsored by three of the best self-employed brands within the business, Maitres du Temps, Linde Werdelin, and Maurice de Mauriac Zurich. All three are extremely diverse brands, all three brilliant in their private accurate.

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