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Maidi said training class before the competition

Posted Dec 05 2012 7:34am
The Chinese Basketball Association first open a new season ticket, as required in the competition on the first round of the League not wearing tournament equipped sneakers provided by the sponsor, including the men's basketball team in Shanghai, Beijing Zeng Wending team Marbury, 12 players such as Wang Zhizhi of bayi players cheap nike air max 2012 informed criticism, and a fine of 20,000 yuan per person.

It should be said that Shandong gold was once the leading opponent to 20 cases, has also been was relaxed alertness. Section II, Jilin team coach, more and more "rounded" Frau Wang rage, seems to be something fell. But the Jilin team let go of hands and feet, had seemed very composed, their way to boiling a frog slowly narrowed the distance from the Shandong team, even the last danger of tilting Pan success.

Sibanse of outside attack to the Shandong gold caused great destruction, stable shooting he stretches, hits a high, Shandong in marking them so that the arrow on the characters or need to do more, Shandong men's basketball team, after all, there is no individual capacities very prominent players.

Maidi said training class before the competition, whether it rival Yao Ming's team or others, are Qingdao team to win this match for the performances, in yuanshen Sports Centre arena air max 2012 mens for sale of die-hard wheat flour gives them comparable treatment. However is similar to the first two rounds of competition are, maidi between it and the other players of the Qingdao team has still not found a comfortable way to deal with: the former want to score, which lost the ball; the former wants to assist, who voted no.
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