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Maidi must have felt faint on Yao Ming

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:15am
Maidi must have felt faint on Yao Ming, Shanghai team always stamp maidi weak pain in the confrontation of Achilles heel. The whole game, maidi is violating 13 times, including once nearly mens nike air max 95 injured by physical contact, CAI Liang, Liu Ziqiu, Zeng Wending take turns on their serve. Are forced to wait maidi is tenacious, he pulled onions in drylands, the 2.21-meter Zhang Zhaoxu cover; he Zeng Wending and Zhang Zhaoxu tried to one-hand chop, and even the viewers were sent away to "MVP" praise, but one person alone, but could not escape the boss Yao tight tight dragnet.

While Qingdao maidi 4 losing streak is certainly disappointing, but he is also under contract with his wife for dinner. Yao Ming and ye Li has done the friendship or hospitality of a host, inviting maidi couple tasting authentic Shanghai food. Outside I'm afraid never knew that was a good dinner (that's really "Yao Mai") the two haven't spoken for a long time on what talking to old friends, but should not talk about too much competition winner. It's like family gatherings among friends, before sharing them with happy experiences.

Play without fear of later, maidi completely into the familiar rhythm, section III has 1 minute 43 seconds left, maidi directly tackling the success of active defense, then dribbling through-train, suddenly under the basket to a two. Qingdao team score!! At this point, fans sent a loud "T-MAC" and "MVP" sound, the moment they are convinced that this is what they want maidi, they look forward to four games and not wheat of GOD.

Competition entered to distal cheap nike air max 97 hyperfuse duel, third section single section cut Xia 10 points of maidi still continued has very hot of feel, distal just broke out on ball Hou chic to stood up jump shot became, Qingdao team 64-62 one score, had has a minutes and ball breakthrough bothering dribblers and became,
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