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Magnetic System Model for Separator Magnetic Separator

Posted Dec 13 2012 3:43am

The magnetic system physical model of the experimental prototype of new generation of the large particles magnetic separator produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is composed of the yoke and permanent magnet. The model ignores the effect of axial edge effect of the magnetic system and it is simplified to the ZD model. There are friction wheel devices at the external part of the drive. Since the leakage of the electric flux density of the magnetic system at the external part of the magnetic roll is small, the yoke section of the magnetic system has been simplified. In the physical model of the magnetic system, the impact of the magnetic ore powder in the cylinder on the magnetic field has not been considered. The magnetic reel is made of the high permeability soft magnetic materials. The permanent magnet is made of the high-performance rare earth permanent magnet material. The demagnetizing curve of the rare earth permanent magnet almost has the linear feature. In addition, the slope of the demagnetizing curve is almost equal to the permeability of the vacuum magnetic one. In the analysis process, the demagnetizing curve of the materials can be linear processed. In the following part, the experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will introduce the establishment process of the magnetic system model for the large particle magnetic separator.
The first is the selection for the calculation of the type and the coordinate system. This permanent magnet system has symmetry which can simplify the three-dimensional problem to the problem of two-dimensional plane. This system contains the yoke, permanent magnets and the air gap, which belongs to the static magnetic field. Mganeotsattci Solver is used for the coordinate system.
The second is modeling. Since the external friction wheel of the yoke is simplified, there is no this structure in the modeling process. 
The third is the property of the specified materials. The permanent magnet is made of the high-performance seven permanent magnetic materials. Since the magnetizing direction and other parameters are calculated, the parameters of the permanent magnet can be determined.

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