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Madrid media interpretation

Posted Feb 04 2013 7:54am
As past several season Premiership most willing spend of transfer large crocodile, in Shang season completed has Premiership champion dream zhihou suddenly began nike blazers outlet uk economize on food and clothing, Adjara, and Robin van Persie, Manci Nicin points of introduction aid target has is premiership of directly competition opponent claimed, finally does not pain does not itch to lane to has Sinclair, and Harvey-Garcia such of second-line star to serve as a stopgap, no wonder Mancini repeatedly shelling management layer introduction aid weak.
Ultimatum", Madrid media interpretation of the conversation. Scene, few people recognize, Morino is one of the best coach in the history of Real Madrid, Cathy said, he has experienced coach, Morino is the best one, Peres also still enjoy Morino's coaching ability and good faith. But Cathy and Ramos stressed, Morino taught three years of high-handed policy had let the players are tired, and continued bickering and confrontation between coach, so that they are no longer subject to the Morino, and demand a move not only because of lack of access to opportunities and critical of players, there is more and asics trainers uk more important name.
Italy local time on Saturday, Inter Milan held a news conference, Xie Luotuo and Kuzmanovic official debut. "I am very happy," Kuzmanovic said, "thank you President Letizia Moratti, thank the Manager of Blanka would like to thank my agent, a noble Club playing in Inter Milan's dream became a reality. I went to the Stuttgart because I wanted to try that kind of experience, but I also have a strong will to want to return to Italy, so I immediately agreed to Inter Milan, other teams did not interest to me. Only two days transfer was completed, I am very happy.
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