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Love rebellious woman into madness team can be said is a soap opera team

Posted Jan 16 2013 1:19am
Love rebellious woman into madness "team can be said is a soap opera team, from the Director, screenwriter to cast, are filmed for television. Its Director Allen red bottom shoes?Paul although this is the first time took over the big screen, but Director experience is still very rich, the famous HBO drama "six feet under" let him fame big noise, Rome, also his outstanding performance, this romantic comedy for him, should have no difficulty; the film's screenwriter Kate ?Anglo is the will and grace of the screenplay, although this soap opera script technology content is not high, but as a broadcast eight quarter Christian Louboutin Shoes longevity episodes written by credit; actor Ahmed Alex ?de Lorraine in active in episodes of popular series the legend of the cause of a novice, a piece for chest and the abdomen is short for "Vampire" and the hot topics and popularity soared. As for the actress Jennifer ?Lopez, we would not have said, from the Manhattan maid "to"; JI, then to "Jersey girl", the type of comedy has always been her cup of tea, but few maizhang. The Manhattan maid "lucky girl role very pleasing, 1871 the first week at the box office is not completely lost her face, but sometimes people playing, the next the jig," the first week of 375 million box office severely to Jennifer face, of course, also feel the pain was also a partner of this Anita fredericks. Next, unwilling to this and took the Jersey girl", this is not the only guest Jennifer Nui, the film's box office pick up to the 832 million. The investment of US $ 35 million the love rebellious woman into madness, although, by virtue of 1225 million accounted for in the second place at the box office, but it is a successful example, after having the audience commented: "surprisingly people playing the gen 20 years ago. "Visible film comedy element is lacking, and currently has 40-year-old Jennifer just added several more wrinkles, married years busy Christian Louboutin Sale kid acting has also nothing to improve, so the film is a help to fight the big screen TV, and a new force to exhaustion of the old woman cross the required intake. Until today, for Jennifer Lopez's career on the silver screen we also reached a conclusion regarding the bombshells of Lopez, big screen, the water is too deep, not everyone can master got, or go back to honest with songs to conquer the masses. Thought the love rebellious woman into the madness of the exhibition on the precarious status would have been the date night "will be a small effect, but the date night" in the release of the third week of the fall in locked in by 36.6%, box office location is in the "love rebellious woman into the " place of the Sea-King "of cases not affected, maintaining a Thirdly, but last week just easing the bounty hunter" suddenly from the ninth position onto the list, at the same time, the black comedy "why I also married" did not keep themselves in the seventh of last week, directly off the first thirteen. Two types of comedy both Lok Ma, as a male Christian Louboutin Boots audience preference in comedy type, the hot tub time machine also is terminally ill

Christian Louboutin

. Throughout this annual spring stalls all comedies are basically guaranteed business, nothing highlights. In has experienced a number of appointments, Zoe finds encounter a suitable person to spend too long time, but she also wanted to become a mother, so she decided to introduce artificial fertilization plan. But at this point, she encountered a very suited to Stan. Last resort cases, Zoe had to side with Wedding Shoes ripening relationship, side shows signs of pregnancy. With belly every day of the larger, Zoe will conceal any longer, during the approach, they discovered before the moods just mirror flower, they knew nothing of each other, in fact, the two men's love tests, or have just begun discount christian louboutin. Media General score C, B, Yahoo audience, rotten tomatoes IMDB4.6 22% freshness. The world news: "Jennifer ?Lopez romantic comedy starring, so it is not possible interesting. "The Chicago Sun newspaper" some movies are not as good as second-rate sitcom, and some Louboutin Sale even simply inflow, the back-up plan is not equated with second-rate comedy "The Chicago Tribune" actress Zoe for quite a long time on Stan hide her pregnancy, but the process is so frustrating. "The entertainment online law" as a part of life in the middle of the replay TV. .
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