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Louis Vuitton Outlet is food safety to interpret that the overall food safety

Posted Jan 12 2013 9:30am
In the past year, an endless stream of hot topics related to food safety, from the beginning of Spirulina, gelatin year fluorescent brightener to liquor plasticizing agent event drew to a close, consumers from different channels of sound "scared Mongolia. Yesterday, under the guidance of the Food Safety Commission Office of the Louis Vuitton Outlet State Council and the China Association for Science and Technology, organized by the Institute of Food Science and Technology 2012, public concern food safety hotspots Reviews Media communication will be held from the industry's leading experts on last year's 12 hot issues of  truly belong to the problem of food safety incidents as a handful in 2012. News hits of the major portals, microblogging spread and net posts comments amount of data, the Institute of Food Science and Technology announced yesterday that the 2012 12 food safety hot issue (see right). Yesterday, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sun Baoguo, Liu Xiumei researcher of the national food safety risk, assistant to the director of the national food safety risk assessment Louis Vuitton Outlet Store center Zhutian researcher, Peking University Institute of Food and Biological Resources Engineering Institute of Chen Feng dozen leading experts to scientific The perspective of the 2012 food safety hot recite. Experts said, above the standard reference to determine the basis of lack of production process management and control is not in place, improper law enforcement enterprise beyond the scope of the new resource food ingredients exogenous migration pollution hot spots, respectively, exist. "But really belongs to the issue of food safety incidents accounted for a very small number. " In 2012, he said, the overall situation of Chinese food safety should be said that the whole, maintained a good trend. Sun Baoguo from the 2008 melamine vicious food safety after the events of our country from the central leadership at all levels of government to take food safety or effectiveness of major food safety incidents did not occur in 2012. In contrast some foreign Louis Vuitton Handbags countries but there have been poisoned by toxic cucumber such as Germany more than 50 people by the end of 2011, 143 people were killed in India adulterated liquor events. 12 large food hot issues related to the wine products, there are two. Hong Kong Consumer Council said in June this year, Gu Yue Long Shan Shaoxing, Zhejiang, rice wine tower card contains a category 2A carcinogen ethyl carbamate (EC), 0. 2/kg to 0. 26mg/kg. In this regard, the Chinese Institute of Food and Fermentation Industry professorial senior Xiong Zhenghe interpretation, EC is widely present in the fermentation of food in a metabolic byproduct. Food safety risk assessment work and limited standard formally promulgated only detected the wine contained in the EC to evaluate rice wine carcinogenic risk exists unscientific No judgment rice wine the EC (content) whether there is a potential carcinogenic risk the event of non-food safety incidents. Jiangnan University Vice-Chancellor, Jiangnan University the Brewers science and enzyme technology research center director Xu Yan liquor plasticizer event "lack of judgment based on non-food safety incident. He said the liquor detected plasticizer DBP, but a rational view. First, not man-made add, does not produce such substances in the normal production of fermented; additionally contain Louis Vuitton plasticizers and harmful are two concepts, "plasticizer" the impact on human health depends on the size and the photo of the intake amount into time. International animal experimental studies have shown that long-term high-dose intake plasticizer with reproductive toxicity, but there were no clinical cases of human exposure to hazards.
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