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Louis Vuitton fall 2011 fashion Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags

Posted Aug 01 2011 1:37am
One is to solve the problem of clothing and measures to determine. The prototype and measures is a the most reliable reference, it through three-dimensional specimens, revisionist, and after a long trial and defined, is very good to meet the basic requirements of the ideal human dress, basic solve the difficult problem of three-dimensional cutting quantitative;
Two is a good way to solve the system of three-dimensional model plane board type problems. Because of the prototype is made, the result of the sample cutting and the neckline, belstaff jackets outletbelstaff jackets sale shoulder, sleeve, etc are directly from the human body to get to, and repeatedly proofreading, make the system board in the system when the board can be familiar with clothes and human body the basic relations between, a reliable reference, make their side against the prototype, part painting pattern, it is easy to, very direct and quantitatively on the board of the human body, comprehensive and contrast form close Discount Belstaff Sale StoreDiscount Belstaff Jackets Sale contact with the human body, improve the system board method of board and enhance the speed of board quality.
Three is to give the plane clothing structure design provides a source. Clothing structure should be based on the human body, but with human body is entity, not clothing, can't directly as the source of the costume structure, only as indirect source. Direct source is only as human dress the prototype pattern based reaction. Prototype Cheap Louis Vuitton Salediscount Louis Vuitton Sale pattern summary abstracts the general rule of costume structure, form of expression way, can plane directly for the plane used structure design. With this source, can solve a complex problem.
Some say, learn prototyping is the first lesson of the beginner to clothing, this is true, from the study of fundamental prototype from start to learn on, but learn prototyping is not only first lesson, and should also be want to further learners' senior class, is technology was a great improve important guarantee.
Establish logical system board method
With what kind of method to the board? Is stress to the "three-dimensional cutting" method, or stress to the "flat pattern" method?
This is mainly a know problem.
The ultimate goal of the Belstaff BagBelstaff Icon Jackets system board with a "pattern" of the plane. No matter be "the three-dimensional cutting", or "flat pattern", as "the pattern" won the plane. To this, the brand clothing company system board method worth learning, their general reference system board process is like this:
The first step, according to make clothing plane prototype pattern (through the preliminary pattern for);
The second step, with the plane Louis Vuitton fall 2011 fashionCheap Louis Vuitton Bags got cut, and then will pattern offabrics get the human model on the combination, seams place can use a pin up, the side combination side don't adjust (the three-dimensional cutting process sample);
The third step, then according to the situation of the adjustment of the plane pattern corrected (board samples fixed process);
Fourth step, the adjustment good pattern sent to sewing samples (test plate process);
Step 5, sewing good samples of the review, especially want to organize marketing and professional technical personnel and review, amendment opinions (review process for board);
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